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Shadow of a saxophonist playing inspired

Shadow of a talented inspired playing saxophonist, dressed smartly in a trench coat and hat, on a blue background.

Silhouette of a man playing a trumpet

Silhouette of a musician playing his trumpet while dancing to the rhythm of the music, in a vertical video, on a purple background.

Full body silhouette of a saxophonist

Full body silhouette of an elegant musician wearing a hat and trench coat, while playing his inspired instrument, on a blue background.

Shadow of a musician playing the trombone

Profile shadow of an elegantly dressed musician, playing the trombone while dancing happily on a red background.

Silhouette of a trumpet player energetically playing

Silhouette of a musician happily and energetically playing the trumpet skillfully, while dancing, on a purple background.

Saxophonist silhouette playing music in a dark room

Saxophonist silhouette or shadow playing a great jazz song. Black and white video. A musician wearing white shirt with suspenders, hat, glasses, long beard. Old fashioned jazz musician playing music in a bar or restaurant. Slow motion effect. Smoke environment.

Silhouette of a saxophonist playing on a blue background

Silhouette of a saxophonist playing on a blue background, playing stylishly and dancing, elegantly dressed in a trench coat and hat.

A saxophonist sitting holding a saxophone

Zooming in effect video of a musician seeing his saxophone. A saxophonist holding his sax in a wooden room while he is sitting in a chair next to a windows. A old fashioned jazz musician wearing white shirt with suspenders, hat, glasses, long beard. Smoke environment.

Close view of a saxophonist playing a song

Close-up view of an elegant saxophonist skillfully playing his instrument, in a shot that slowly rises from his instrument to his face.

Silhouette of a trumpet player playing with passion

Silhouette of a trumpeter stylishly playing, dancing and walking in front of the camera on a purple background.

Portrait of a trumpeter playing

Close up shot of a talented and skilled trumpeter playing fast, in a dark place with some dim lights, in a close up shot of him.

Silhouette of a musician playing the trombone

Full body silhouette of a cheerful musician playing the trombone while dancing, on a red background, in a vertical video.

Musician playing the saxophone while dancing

Talented musician playing the saxophone with passion while is dancing and enjoying play on a black background with a light of some spotlights.

Saxophonist playing in a bar

Old fashioned jazz musician playing saxophone in a bar with low light.

Musician playing the saxophone very inspired

Very inspired musician playing the saxophone, elegantly dressed in a red jacket and hat, on a dark background.

Inspired musician playing the trumpet

Talented and inspired musician, elegantly dressed, playing the trumpet with skill and intensity, dancing to the rhythm, on a dark background.

Man playing the saxophone in the stairs

Saxophone player wearing glasses wears a blue blazer while playing a song on the stairs.

Man packing his saxophone

A man wearing a grey cap, white button up shirt, khaki pants and brown shoes sits on a maroon couch in front of large windows, putting away his musical instrument, the saxophone, picks up the leather case and walks away.

White trombone on a stage floor

White trombone on the floor of a darkened stage, with dim colored lights, in a dynamic shot that zooms in and out.

Talented trumpet player skillfully playing songs

Talented trumpet player elegantly dressed, skillfully playing his instrument on a black background and dim yellow light.

Face of a musician playing the flute

Face of a musician with a suit and hat, skillfully playing the clarinet, while making gestures, on a dark stage.

Musicians playing the trombone and the saxophone

Musicians playing the trombone and saxophone in an abandoned train car full of graffiti.

Jazz musicians on an abandoned train

Spinning zoom-in shot of a couple of jazz musicians playing instruments in an abandoned train.

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