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Fitness woman warming up at a gym

Fitness woman wearing sportswear doing side plank leg raise exercises at a Crossfit gym.

Woman texting on her smartphone

A blonde woman wearing black sunglasses and a black leather jacket is texting on her smartphone. In the background, you can see a small city in the distance.

Woman smiling at a university

Woman smiling at the camera, in the garden of a university campus, during a sunny day.

Two women chatting with sign language

Two women sitting on a gray sofa chatting with sign language, with direct focus on their hands.

Group of friends watching the world cup on television

Group of four friends of different nationalities, together watching a World Cup game on television, wearing the jerseys of their respective countries.

Face of a cheerful woman chatting with someone

Face of a cheerful woman talking to someone, smiling and making surprise gestures, sitting on a chair with a plant on one side and against a beige wall.

Young woman posing with balls of fire in her hands

Young woman posing and making movements with her hands with balls of fire, sitting on an old metal spiral staircase, in an old and worn place.

Two actresses rehearsing in an empty theater

Two talented young actresses rehearsing a script together sitting face to face on the stage of an empty theater.

Mountaineercclimbing up a huge rock

Female mountaineer climbing up a huge rock, in an aerial shot, at sunset, in an arid natural environment or desert.

Contemporary dancer performing a dance

Female contemporary dancer dancing on the dirty floor of an abandoned place wearing a long black dress.

Woman playing ball with a dog

Young woman playing ball with a dog in the sunny garden of a house in nature.

Boy waving the Brazilian flag outdoors

Boy waving the Brazilian flag outdoors, on top of some old bleachers, with the blue sky in the background.

Pensive woman eating a dessert in a cafeteria

Thoughtful young woman eating dessert in an outdoor cafe, looking sideways and straightening her hair.

Face of a happy girl eating ice cream

Face of a happy girl eating an ice cream with a flower, while she laughs and watches another person out of the picture.

Female boxer training on the ring

Female kickboxer with bandaged hands while training her punch and kick speed in a boxing ring.

Contemporary dance dancer doing movements and jumps

Young woman dancer in dress doing movements and jumps in a white space with dim colored lights.

Face of a woman slowly opening her eyes

Face of a woman in a closed shot, with her eyes closed, as she slowly opens them, with the leaves of a plant out of focus in the background.

Meditating peacefully in yoga pose at home

Young woman in peace meditating on the floor of her house in yoga pose, on a mat in front of a window.

Woman in bikini swimming

Woman wearing a bikini swims upside down in a blue pool on a sunny day.

Responding to messages in the morning upon waking

Girl sitting on her bed in the morning, while answering messages on her cell phone, with a window in the background.

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