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Lovers slowly approaching to kiss

Loving couple slowly approaching each other for a loving kiss.

Close view of a Christmas tree

Close view of a decorated Christmas tree in a house, with bows, ribbons, spheres and a series of blinking lights.

Explorers couple in an abandoned church

Couple of scared explorers walk at night through a church using a lamp.

Beautifully decorated hotel room

Panning of a beautifully decorated hotel room, with a table on the terrace and a bed with towels and comfortable cushions. In the background a mirror and a dressing table

Face of a woman in a haunted house

Face of a young woman in a dark haunted house with an expression of fear, to smile maliciously when possessed.

Portrait of a scared boy in a haunted house

Portrait of a scared boy, looking at something in front of him in a fancy haunted house, during the dark of night.

Catrin and catrina of the day of the dead face to face

Woman and man disguised as catrín and catrina from the Day of the Dead facing each other and then turning to the camera, under a light cloud of smoke with a black background.

Young woman exploring a haunted house

Young woman exploring a fancy haunted house when she is suddenly startled by lights flickering in the dark at night.

People inflating a hot air balloon

Time lapse of people inflating a green hot air balloon, in the background buildings and trees of the city

Boy surprising his girlfriend with a rose

Boy surprising his girlfriend with a rose, who hugs him happily, in a romantic coffee shop.

Lovers during a romantic date

Young man with a woman joking, laughing and gesturing, outside during a romantic date.

Face of a scared girl in a haunted mansion

Face of a scared, hyperventilating, front-facing young woman in a haunted mansion in the dark under dim red light.

Couple facing each other and smiling affectionately

Couple facing each other while looking at each other and smiling affectionately, seen in profile, with a bush of many flowers in the background.

Couple watching together a tablet with green chroma

A couple sitting watching a chroma green tablet or iPad together, analyzing the content, with focus on the screen.

Daughter and mother decorating a Christmas tree

Little girl with her mother in Christmas sweaters, decorating a Christmas tree together, putting a sphere on a branch, then hugging each other lovingly.

Father and daughter sharing a loving moment

Happy father with his little daughter dressed as an astronaut spending time togheter and sharing a loving moment at home.

Creepy zombie is surprised by an armed mercenary

Creepy zombie is surprised by an armed mercenary in a dark, old and abandoned hospital.

Boutique hotel room and terrace

Hotel room with a shell as a headboard and a small terrace with the sun shining in the background

Mother and daughter in Christmas pajamas

Mother and daughter in Christmas pajamas and hats, sitting on a rug at home, at the base of the Christmas tree.

Face of a possessed girl smiling maliciously

Face of a possessed girl smiling mischievously when looking in the mirror in the dark to turn to see the camera.

Terrifying nun stalking a terrified woman

Terrorize nun catching a terrified woman from behind, in a dark and smoke-covered place.

Man comforting a girl who is crying loudly

Man comforting a girl who is crying loudly with a warm hug, in the dark under a dim green light.

Young brown bear walking through the field

Young brown bear walking through a field with grass and rocks

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