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Pumping iron in the weight room, sweating up a storm boxing or stretching on the yoga mat, this video collection will help realise those fitness dreams. Feel the burn and the endorphins after using these videos in your next project. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Run, Running track, Fitness, Exercise, Training, Athlete, Healthy Lifestyle and Sport.

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A healthy couple running on a treadmill

Vertical video of a healthy couple running on a treadmill at a gym. A man and a woman wearing sportswear doing exercise together. Slow motion shot of an athletic couple on treadmills.

Fitness instructor teaching arm exercise

A young blonde girl is streaching her arms in front of the mirror at the gym. Fitness instructor teaches arm streching move to young blond woman in front of the mirror.

Two people working out

A woman wearing black activewear and her long brown hair in a ponytail uses a rowing machine at a gym. In the background, a man wearing black activewear does pull ups.

Woman working out with dumbbells

A woman with long hair in a ponytail wearing black activewear uses dumbbells to perform an arm workout, with other dumbbells and gym equipment in the background.

Muscular woman exercising with a kettlebell

Muscular woman doing repetitions with a kettlebell, when exercising in a gym with many weights of all kinds, in a shot at her feet that slowly rises to her face.

Urban outdoor gym

Urban outdoor gym with green appliances protected from the sun with metal structures in gray, in the background a small fence in yellow and the sky with clouds

Group of young people talking about their presentation

Group of young people in a circle talking about their next performance, in a dance gym with a large mirror, while a girl stays outside chatting on her phone.

Fitness influencer in front of a camera giving a tutorial

Young fitness influencer in front of a camera broadcasting an exercise class with a small dumbbell, in front of an artistically painted wall on the street.

Young women streching their body

Three young women making stretching exercises on top of a wooden gym gear. A young woman exhales while doing stretching exercises at the sports center.

Portrait of an exhausted and happy woman in a gym

Portrait of an exhausted athletic woman after working out in a gym, wiping off sweat with her hand and then turning and smiling happily at the camera.

Young women working out at the sports center

Three young women doing stretch back exercises on a wooden gym gear while the fitness coach wearing black leggings gives the exercise instructions

Woman doing mountain climber exercise

A woman with her hair in a bun wearing grey toned active wear performs mountain climber exercise in a gym, cross fit equipment in the background.

Strong woman training weightlifting in a gym

Strong woman with sports clothes, training weightlifting, in a gym with stationary bikes and a couple of shelves with many weights of all kinds.

Young fitness women working out at the gym

Three young women wearing tight leggings are working out hard in the fitness class while the instructor in black leggings gives them directions

Young woman exercising in a gym

Young and athletic woman exercising by climbing a wooden platform with dumbbells in her hands, in a gym with machines and exercise equipment.

Face of a sweaty man in a gym

Face of an exhausted and sweaty man working out in a gym, looking towards the camera after wiping the sweat from his forehead with his hand.

Young women using stretching gear at the gym

Young women wearing colorful and tight leggings stretch and exercise at the gym. Women using stretching gear at the sports center facility.

Strong man exercising with a kettlebell

Strong man exercising with a kettlebell in a gym with many and all kinds of weights, in a shot of his legs that slowly rises to his face.

Young women doing exercise at the gym

Close-up shot of three young women doing stretching exercises wearing tight leggings. Women take care of their bodies by doing exercise.

Man and a woman gym-goers stretching

Athletic and strong woman and man, sitting on the floor while stretching together, in a gym with equipment and weights of all kinds.

Young blonde woman stretching at the gym

A young blonde woman stretches her arms with two mirrors in the background. A young woman exersices her body at the sports center.

Young women using exercise equipment

Three young women wearing sports leggings are using exercise equipment to stretch. Young women doing stretch exercises at the gym.

Woman doing squats

A young woman in activewear does squats while holding a red ball between her hands and lifting it above her head when she rises.

Strong man exercising with a barbell

Strong man working out in a gym, doing repetitions with a dumbbell, with a rack behind him with many dumbbells of various types.

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