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Who run the world? They run the world! Find videos of them mastering a skate park or chilling by the pool in our collection of girl videos. Check out these awesome videos of girls living their best lives and let them inspire your next project. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Men, People and Women.

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Girl receiving a Valentine's day card

View of a girl's hands receiving and opening a Valentine's Day card during a romantic date.

Two people moving coffee in cup with a spoon

Two black cups with coffee on the table in a cafeteria while two girls stir the coffee with a spoon.

Two stylish friends incarcerated after a night out

Two fashion girls inside a jail cell after a night out posing to the camera with some police lights.

Urban dancers doing dance steps in the dark

Girls and boys with lighted masks and fluorescent body paint, doing dance steps in the dark under a blinking blue light.

Contemporary choreography with three female dancers

Artistic contemporary choreography of three girls in black leotards on a light background with a black and white filter.

Young dancers doing dance steps with neon masks

Girls and boys doing dance moves with neon masks and fluorescent paint, under a flickering blue light.

Two people having a dessert on the table of a cafeteria

Hands of two girls taking a dessert on a table with a couple of milkshakes in a cafeteria.

Hands of two girlfriends shaping a vase with clay

Hands of a couple of girls shaping a vase with clay on a rotating table, in a ceramics workshop.

Drummer playing with his rock band

Drummer seen from behind playing his drums with two girls playing guitar and bass in a vacant lot.

Three friends playing video games at night

Two girls and a boy playing during a video game night with friends, with comics, and snacks.

Three friends having fun playing video games

Two girls and a boy having fun while playing Nintendo 64 video games, during a night at home with lot of snacks.

Portrait of a girl dancing in black and white

Portrait of a young female dancer doing a choreography with two other girls in a vertical black and white video.

Close-up view of a date table in a restaurant

Close-up view of a date table in a restaurant, with food, tea, plates and a girl's smartphone.

Pages of an open book while a girl reads it

Very close view of the pages of an open book, while a girl's finger runs along the lines, and the shot slowly runs from left to right.

Girl telling her friend about her life

Two girl friends chatting sitting on a gray sofa, seen in the distance while taking it slowly approaches and focuses on one of the girls.

Smearing antibacterial gel on the hands

A girl's hands place some antibacterial gel and spread it on her hands, with her feet out of focus in the background.

Girl moving small figures from a board game

A girl's hand moving plastic figures in the shape of people, on top of a board of a board game.

Friends night with video games, comics and snacks

Night of friends playing video games, with comics and lots of snacks, with two girls and a boy.

Contemporary choreography in black and white

Contemporary choreography of three girls in black tights, on a white background in a black and white video.

Friends forming a big circular puzzle

Two girls and a boy, sitting around a table, put together a large colored circular puzzle.

Painting decorations for easter

Two girls painting eggs for easter at a table full of decoration and painting materials.

Group of friends hanging out in a garden

Two boys and two girls, friends, playing and talking in a sunny garden, with a dog.

Group of friends playing laser tag

Group of skillful boys and girls playing laser tag, shooting and taking cover in a dark space with colored lights.

Video games night with friends

Video games night with friends, two girls and a boy, with snacks, comics and a retro console.

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