298 Free Flower Stock Videos

Blooming and beautiful! Filling a garden with color or standing tall in a bunch, all these flower videos are ready to be picked for your next project. Are you a sunflower fan, or more one for roses? You can't go wrong with whatever flower you choose! All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

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Dark pink flowers

Bouquet of dark pink carnations on a blue background.

Flowers on a pink background focused on its details

Details of flowers on its stems just opening and others unopened, on a pink background.

White flowers moving slightly

White flowers moving with the air, seen up close on an unfocused pink background.

Cemetery with marble tombs

Cemetery alone with white graves made of marble with vases full of bouquets near architectural buildings from times gone by.

Freshly watered lilac flowers

Small freshly watered lilac flowers in a garden, closeup view, with green grass out of focus background.

Bunch of pink and white flowers

Bunch of pink and white lilies on a pink background.

Lavender flowers, close up

Closeup video of lavender flowers, coming in and out of focus.

A bouquet of Pink flowers

A bouquet of pink carnations in close up.

Woman kneeling in a garden

A woman with long, brown hair wearing a red felt hat, a blue and white shirt and black pants kneels in front of plants in a garden, picks a bit of the plant and stands.

Purple flowers in nature

A stem with purple flowers next to a large tree in a place full of nature on a sunny day.

Woman walking in a nursery garden

Back tracking camera of a woman walking through a garden.

Flowers with large white petals

Flowers with large wrinkled white petals, seen in detail with a pink background.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers moved by the wind in a garden.

Lilac sprayed with focus on its details

Lilac sprinkled with water drops with a detailed focus on its petals, its anthers and the large drops perched on it.

Wire fence with yellow flowers

Wire fence in a garden with yellow flowers growing beneath. Close up and slow motion video of a fence.

Pro photographer taking photos of purple flowers

Amateur photographer looking for good shots of purple flowers. Photographer taking photos with a DSLR Canon camera with a big lens. A man practicing photography.

Leaves with a pink background

Wet green leaves with a pink background.

White flowers with yellow, overhead view

Flowers seen in detail from above, with white petals and in their center they turn yellow, and their filaments come out.

Young woman wearing a wreath collecting wild flowers

Young woman wearing a wreath and white dress collects wild flowers in a place with industrial roof

Gardener arranges potted flowers

A man wearing a grey shirt, blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and gardening gloves arranges potted flowers of different colors.

Red petals on an orange background

Many red petals scattered debris, focused on an orange background.

Red flower underwater

Red carnation with water drops on its petals rotating on a black background.

White petals on a pink background

White petals with yellow ribs of a pretty flower viewed up close on a pink background.

Pink tulip underwater

A pink tulip with green leaves underwater in slow motion.

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