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Man doing yoga on a mat on the floor

Skillful and athletic man expertly doing yoga on a gray mat on the floor of an empty room, in a close up shot.

Woman doing a dance with a fire sword

Woman doing an artistic dance with a sword on fire, in the center of an old, worn and empty place with tall columns.

Man juggling the ball in a parking lot

Male soccer player skillfully juggling the ball in a dark, empty parking lot, in a shot that focuses on his feet.

Talented freestyle soccer player doing tricks with the ball

Talented soccer freestyler doing complicated tricks with the ball with his head and feet, in a dark and empty parking lot.

Soccer player doing complicated juggling with the ball

Very skillful soccer player doing complicated juggling with the ball, in a dark and empty parking lot of a building.

Player making skillful play in a street soccer game

Talented player making a skillful individual play during a street soccer game in a dark empty parking lot.

Very experienced soccer player skillfully juggling the ball

Very experienced soccer player skillfully juggling the ball on an empty semi-professional pitch at night.

Conceptual performance with masks of two actresses

Conceptual performance with masks of two talented actresses facing each other on a stage in an empty theater.

Young actress rehearsing a script

Talented young actress rehearsing a script acting and gesticulating skillfully, sitting on the chairs in an empty theater.

Actress rehearsing a script sitting on the seats of a theater

Young and talented actress rehearsing the libretto of a play, sitting among the empty seats of a theater.

A DJ spinning tracks during sunset in the desert

Skilled DJ playing in a wide, empty desert at dusk, with the horizon outlined by mountains in the background.

Young DJ mixing music in the desert

Young DJ mixing music in a flat and empty desert at sunset, in a shot that revolves around him.

Talented Dj mixing music in a desert

Talented DJ mixing music in a huge and empty desert surrounded by mountains, as the sunset begins.

Couple watching something scary during a night exploration

Couple freaks out when they see something terrifying during a night exploration in a dark and empty hospital.

Ballerina doing ballet movements with her arms

Young female dancer doing ballet movements with her arms slowly, in an empty space under dim colored lights, in a close up shot.

Ballet dancer giving artistic twists

Young ballet dancer doing artistic and delicate turns, holding the veil of her skirt, in an empty white space, under low colored lights.

Woman dancing artistically in a dark place

Dancing woman artistically dancing with a metallic blue cloth blanket, in a dark empty place, under dim blue and red lights.

Office man throwing sheets of paper in the air

An office worker sitting in an office with a computer, on a floor with more empty desks, grabs a handful of sheets of paper and throws them into the air.

Portrait of a man working overtime in the office

Portrait of a young man in a shirt and tie, working overtime on an empty office floor, concentrated in front of the computer.

Man working in an office at night

Young man in shirt and tie arrives and sits down to work in a cubicle in a dark empty floor at night.

Pink cocktail being poured

An empty glass is placed down, a person approaches to pour a pink drink with ice into the glass. The person then decorates the cup with mint leaves, half a lemon and frozen berries. A liquid is poured into the lemon half and the liquid is set on fire.

Walking through a snowy town

Walking the empty streets of a snowy village during winter near a forest with tall pines.

Young girl with glasses combing hair

Young girl with drop glasses slowly adjusting her hair, in an empty street, with the sunset in the background.

Girl skating down the street in a close shot

Girl with glasses, raising her arms in a dance manner as she glides skating down the empty street pavement, during a sunset.

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