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Young woman in red dress dancing in reverse

Young woman in a red dress dancing artistically while moving a metallic blue fabric under dim blue and pink light, in reverse video.

Ballet dancer dancing flamboyantly under colored lights

Young ballet dancer twirling and dancing, lifting the skirt of her dress as she spins, in a place with dim colored lights.

Woman dancing artistically in a dark place

Dancing woman artistically dancing with a metallic blue cloth blanket, in a dark empty place, under dim blue and red lights.

Dancing in the dark

A man wearing a maroon long sleeved shirt and black sweats stands in a dark room dancing.

Silhouettes of two dancers during a performance

Silhouettes of two contemporary dancers during an artistic performance, under dim lights in the dark.

Artistic performance of a pair of dancers

Portrait of two contemporary dancers doing an artistic performance on a dark background in black and white video.

Faces of two dancers during a performance

Faces of two contemporary dancers during an artistic performance, in a black and white shot.

Pair of contemporary dancers in a performance

Pair of contemporary dancers during an artistic performance on a light background, under the light of a searchlight.

Women in black dancing on the floor

Women in black clothes dancing contemporary dance slowly over each other on the floor in a dark spot.

Two women doing an abstract dance on a dark background

Two women in black leotards doing an abstract dance against a dark background, in a close and dynamic shot.

Feet of a pair of women dancing on a dark platform

Feet of a pair of women dancing a barefoot conceptual dance on a dark platform.

Young woman dancing sitting on the floor on lilac background

Young woman dancing contemporary dance sitting on the floor over lilac background, looking directly into the camera.

Two ballerinas lying on the floor on a black background

Two dancers in black lying on the floor against a dark background, while making slow artistic movements with their body.

A couple of women dancing delicately and softly

Faces of a pair of women dancing delicately and softly, moving their arms slowly, on a dark background.

Women dancing together on a dark background

Two women dressed in black doing a conceptual dance together on a dark background.

Portrait of a ballerina doing movements with her hands

Defocused portrait of a young dancer woman, with her face made up, while making delicate movements with her hands in front of the lens.

Portrait of a girl with conceptual makeup

Portrait of a young woman with conceptual eye makeup, slowly turning her gaze forward, under a dim blue light.

Ballet dancer dancing artistically under a red light

Portrait of a young female ballet dancer dancing and performing artistic turns in dress and makeup, under a dim red light.

Countenance of a young ballet dancer

Portrait of a ballet dancer girl with a tutu, and with artistic make-up, slowly raising her face.

Ballet dancer moving her hands under a dim pink light

Young ballet dancer moving her hands and body artistically under a dim pink light.

Leg warming up of a ballet dancer

Ballet dancer in a tutu and slippers doing warm-ups on a white background, in a shot focused on her legs.

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