15 Free Castle Stock Videos

All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

Medieval castle in the mountains

Day to night time lapse of a camera moving away from a medieval castle on a mountain, in the background distant mountains and the sky

Castle and beautiful garden

English castle in the countryside with a beautiful garden with grass and trees on a clear day

Medieval city of the Halambra seen from afar

Distance view of the medieval city of the Halambra, surrounded by trees and vegetation, in the background the mountains and the blue sky

Ruins of an old building with a red flag

Ruins of an old building with a red flag waving and a lot of vegetation, with a hill behind during a warm and sunny day.

Castle wall

Castle wall, time-lapse.

Walking through an ancient castle

Touring an old tourist castle made of stone.

The courtyard of an ancient castle in Greece

Walking through the courtyard of a small tourist castle in Greece during a sunny day.

Castle in Greece

Ancient castle in a city of Greece near the city center on a sunny day.

Cemetery of a castle

Cemetery near old tourist buildings full of tombs with marble vases with flowers.

Archaeological zone with sea view

Ruined place of a castle in Greece overlooking the sea near the shore.

Archaeological area

Archaeological zone near a castle on the coast of a beach.

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