216 Free Beer Stock Videos

Cheers! Enjoy a pint, stein or bottle of lager, ale, pilsner and more of your favourite hops-based beverages. From Oktoberfest to your local brewery, this round is on us. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Bar, Drink, Alcohol, Close Up, Glass and Man.

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Beer cans spinning

Some beer cans seen in detail, while rotating glued together, the shot runs from one side to another very close to each other.

Beer being served in a glass

Serving beer in a tilted glass viewed in detail as the glass fills.

Uncovering a glass bottle in a cooler

Person slowly uncovering a glass beer bottle with a star cork in a cooler filled with more bottles.

Foamy beer spilling from a glass

Foamy beer is served in a glass in an ice chest surrounded by other glass bottles.

Green glass bottle of beer detail view

Detail view of the mouth of a covered green beer glass bottle, the liquid inside with some bubbles and with the background out of focus.

Craft beer bottles

Cold glass craft beer bottles of various colors and sizes, viewed in detail on a bright white background.

Beers in a small cooler

Beers in a small cooler, in glass bottles and can, during a hot and sunny day, detailed views.

Glass bottles of beer on a sunny day

Glass beer bottles of different colors in detail, outdoors on a sunny day with blue sky in the background.

Friends watching the soccer world cup

Close view of a couple of beer bottles, of a couple of friends wearing team jerseys, watching the world cup together at home.

Toast with beers among friends watching the World Cup

Close shot of the bottles of a small group of friends, making a toast, while watching the World Cup at home.

Pouring dark beer into a glass

Close view pouring dark beer into a glass from a bottle, slowly filling the glass until the foam reaches the top.

Mouth of a bottle when serving beer

A very close up shot of the mouth of a bottle pouring beer into a glass, which fills slowly as it foams at the top.

Serving wine in a glass

Pouring wine into a glass in a very close shot of the wine pouring out of the mouth of the bottle until it's gone.

Man leaves his beer on a wooden table

Manly man leaves his glass of beer on a wooden table next to a cigar, while resting seated in a comfortable chair.

Texture of a misted glass with beer

Texture in a very close view of a glass of dark beer misted with some drops of water, slowly rotating on its axis.

Man taking a glass with beer to drink

Man taking a glass with foamy and cold beer to drink from it, in a close shot of his hand taking the glass.

Person pouring beer from a machine

Hand of a bartender serving beer into a glass from a machine.

Craft beer bar bartender

Bartender of craft beer bar explains to his customers about the characteristics of the drink.

Boyfriends on a date in a bar

Barman gives a couple of glasses of beer to a couple of friends or boyfriends in a bar.

Top view of three tacos and beer

Top view of three tacos decorated with onion and coriander on a pink plate and a bottle serving beer in a glass on a dark gray table

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