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Young ballerina rehearsing her moves

Young ballerina in a leotard and tutu, rehearsing her graceful and artistic movements with her hands, in a close up shot.

Skillful ballet dancer practicing her moves

Skilled and experienced ballet dancer practicing her moves in a rehearsal room in a very close up shot of her.

Feet of a skillful ballet dancer

Close-up shot of a skilled ballet dancer's feet in a dance hall as she spins on her toes in a vertical video.

Ballet dancer dancing artistically under a red light

Portrait of a young female ballet dancer dancing and performing artistic turns in dress and makeup, under a dim red light.

Ballet dancer's legs in position

View of ballet dancer's legs moving through positions in studio.

Close shot of a ballet dancer

Close-up shot of a young ballet dancer's face in a bun and leotard as she makes some moves during a rehearsal.

Ballet dancer putting on her slippers

Ballet dancer putting on her shoes by tying the ribbons, before beginning her practice in a rehearsal room.

Portrait of a ballerina spinning with pink background

Skillful ballet dancer wearing makeup and tutu doing artistic twists, finishing with a pose, under a pink light and clear background.

Portrait of a ballerina in ballet pose

Young ballet dancer wearing tutu and makeup, posing artistically, with dim purple lighting and a light background.

Countenance of a young ballet dancer

Portrait of a ballet dancer girl with a tutu, and with artistic make-up, slowly raising her face.

Ballet dancer moving her hands under a dim pink light

Young ballet dancer moving her hands and body artistically under a dim pink light.

Ballerina dancing

A ballerina wearing a white leotard, white tights and pointe shoes dances ballet in a white room.

Two ballet dancers warming up at ballet salon

Two ballet dancers dancing at a ballet salon wearing ballet dance suits. Young women performing some ballet steps. Contemporary ballet salon with color lights in the walls and ballet bars. Slow motion video of two young women warming up before their ballet practice.

Ballet dancer stretching on a barre

Young ballet dancer doing pre-stretches holding a bar in a white gym with large windows and a piano.

Two ballet dancers rehearsing at the bars

Two skilled ballet dancers rehearsing at the bars in a dark rehearsal room with large mirrors.

Ballet teacher teaching her young student

Young ballet dancer rehearsing in a rehearsal room with mirrors and ballet bars while her teacher corrects her.

Ballet teacher advising her student

Ballet teacher advising her young student, while she stretches with the help of ballet bars in a rehearsal room.

Ballet teacher correcting her student

Ballet teacher correcting her student while she stretches for a pose with the help of the bars in a rehearsal room.

Ballet dancer being advised by her teacher

Ballet dancer in a leotard being coached by her teacher during a rehearsal in a room with bars and mirrors.

Ballerina posing to the camera

Ballet dancer with conceptual makeup and a black tutu posing captivatingly and artistically looking at the camera.

Face of a young ballerina with conceptual makeup

Portrait of a young female dancer with conceptual makeup, slowly moving her face looking directly at the camera, with her hands on her face, on a white background.

Dancing woman skillfully and artistically dancing

Dancing woman skillfully and artistically dancing, in an empty and white space, in a reversed shot.

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