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Natural landscape in an aerial view around a forest

Traveling through a natural landscape in an aerial view around a forest, with a lake and a meadow, on a sunny day.

Man and woman doing aerial aerobics

A man wearing black pants and a woman wearing a black leotard spin in the air, suspended by silk hangings.

Bride at her wedding raised by the bridesmaids

Bride in a white dress, being carried by her bridesmaids dressed in red, in a beautiful garden with trees, shrubs and flowers, during a wedding with guests on a sunny day.

Dynamic drone tour through a beach

Dynamic and fast drone aerial tour over a beach, with many palm trees, stilt houses and mountains in the distance, on a sunny day.

Tree-covered hill in nature

Hill covered with abundant trees and vegetation, while the shadows of the clouds in the sky pass quickly.

Panorama of a natural environment with various types of relief

Panorama of a natural landscape full of different types of relief, covered with grass, trees, roads, and a couple of lagoons, with the horizon covered by hills.

Close shot of the water of a flowing river

Close up shot of river water gently flowing between rocks, in a slowly rotating shot, under outside sunlight.

Aerial shot of a pickup truck crossing a desert

Aerial shot of a van crossing a large flat sandy desert under sunlight, surrounded by mountains in the distance, at high speed.

Aerial view of a truck crossing a desert

Truck crossing a huge hot desert flat land at high speed, with mountains surrounding in the distance, in an aerial shot.

Dynamic drone tour of a hot beach

Dynamic and fast tour by drone through a hot beach full of palm trees and stilt houses on a clear and sunny day.

Aerial view of a couple of roads with cars

Aerial view of a couple of straight roads with cars and trucks, crossing a huge sandy desert.

Large island with mountainous relief covered with trees and plants

Huge island with a beach and mountainous terrain covered with trees and plants, seen from very high during a sunny afternoon.

Person swimming in a pool

A male swimmer in an outdoor pool seen from the air.

Beautiful clear water of a beach

Clear turquoise blue water near a beach, seen from above, while the shot rotates slowly and a cloud that moves towards shade allowing the sun to illuminate it.

Sunny beach in a dynamic shot from a drone

Sunny beach with many palm trees, some palapas and mountains in the distance, in a dynamic aerial view by a fast drone.

View from the air of a lake during a sunset

Huge lake during a dusk, seen from above, revealing the water and the land formations around it, and the mountain range that is lost on the horizon.

Flying over a big forest

Flying over a huge forest on a sunny afternoon with a meadow and surrounding mountains covered with trees.

Dynamic drone video of a sunny beach

Dynamic drone video zipping along a sunny beach with lots of palm trees, stilt houses and hills in the distance.

Aerial shot of a sunny mountain range

Aerial shot of a rocky mountain range covered in dirt and vegetation, during a cloudy, sunny day.

Top aerial spinning shot del tráfico nocturno

Top aerial spinning shot of night traffic on streets, avenues and bridges of a contemporary city.

Small island surrounded by turquoise sea

Small paradise island with luxury beach houses, green nature and a long pier in the middle of a clear blue sea and white sand.

Aerial tour above a cloud forest

Mist that covers a large forest with large and dense trees, traveled from the heights, with the light of the sun at dawn peeking out from one edge of the intake.

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