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Couple exploring a dark old place

Couple exploring an old, dark and abandoned place, flashlight in hand, wandering cautiously from door to door.

Silhouette and smoke at sunset

Silhouette standing in an abandoned building as the sunsets with smoke

Musician playing his trombone alone

Musician dressed in suit playing his trombone in an abandoned train car.

Saxophonist playing a quiet song

Urban saxophonist playing a quiet song inside an abandoned train.

Pair of jazz musicians performing a song

Pair of jazz musicians performing a song with their saxophone and trombone on an abandoned train.

Urban saxophonist playing on the street, low view

Urban saxophonist playing in an abandoned spot painted with graffiti.

Trombone musician in a train car

Trombone musician playing a song in an abandoned train car full of graffiti.

Conceptual models at a train station

Two boys and a girl in an abandoned wooden train station in nature, seen in the reflection of a prism.

Girl at the window reflected in the mirrors of a prism

Young woman leaning out of the barred window of an abandoned place in nature, reflected in the mirrors of a prism.

A girl and two boys in the mirrors of a prism

A young woman and two young men stand in an old abandoned train station in nature, reflected in the mirrors of a prism.

Girl leaning against a wall covered in graffiti

A young woman with brown hair wearing a red dress leans against a metal wall and looks towards the moving camera. In the background of the video there is an abandoned urban building with broken windows and graffiti on the walls.

Ship in ruins

A ruined wooden ship abandoned among the grass.

Forest in autumn

Forest full of dry leaves on the ground with an abandoned shed nestled among the trees.

Woman wearing a wreath walking towards another woman in an industrial place

Woman wearing a wreath looks towards the camera and starts walking towards another woman in a seemingly abandoned industrial place

A couple of women with their hands together performing a ritual

A young couple of women wearing wreaths and dresses put their hands together and perform a small pagan ritual among the grass of an abandoned site

Women put some wreaths on each other and smile

Two young women smiling and exchanging flower crowns, in the background the roof of an apparently abandoned industrial structure

Urban man holding a smoke bomb

Urban man holding up a pink smoke bomb in an abandoned spot.

Old wooden ships in a forest

Two wooden boats abandoned near a mountain.

An urban trendy woman on a train wagon

A trendy woman wearing orange sweatshirt and ripped jeans on an abandoned train wagon.

Urban trendy woman on a train carriage

An urban trendy woman seeing a park on an abandoned train carriage.

A woman waving a smoke bomb on a train

An urban woman standing on an abandoned train is waving a purple smoke bomb.

Urban trendy woman's portrait wearing a red dress

Urban trendy woman's portrait wearing a red dress and with pink painted hair. Urban young woman in an abandoned place.

A young woman wearing a black outfit and sunglasses enter a rustic old cabbin in the woods.

Dressed in a sleek black outfit and sporting sunglasses, a young woman boldly enters an abandoned, rustic cabin nestled deep within the woods to pose in the window for the camera.

Man flying a remote controlled drone outdoors

Young man flying a drone with virtual reality glasses and a remote control, outdoors on an abandoned platform with an old rusty roof.

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