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House & Home Art

Settle in and enjoy our gallery of art and illustration dedicated to the bedrooms, backyards, plants and pets we love to come home to. Every image is free to download and use!

Woman in a robe staring out an apartment window, looking at the city skyline
Woman lying on a couch looking at her mobile phone
Man sitting in front of a fire, reading from a tablet
Brightly colored flowers in a white vase
Person reading a book while wrapped in warm blankets, with a cat at their feet
Person sitting alone, relaxing with a hot drink
Open umbrella on a bright background
Pair of sneakers on a solid background
Modern family room furniture including a modular couch, plants, and a child's play tent
Minimalist living room furniture including a contemporary couch, floor lamp, and arm chair
Beach house living room with the ocean right outside the window
Houseplants and a framed photograph next to an open window in the countryside
Woman stretching in front of a bathroom mirror
Feet being washed under a bath tap
Hand holding a polaroid picture depicting a woman and her dog cuddling under a blanket
Person cooking on a stovetop in the kitchen
Person vacuuming the floor
Pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom
Person sitting on the couch drinking coffee and reading a book
Study with a computer, desk, lamp and chair
Woman sitting at a computer desk, typing on a keboard
Ring of keys with a fluffy dice
Messy bed with pillows on the floor
Leafy houseplant on a small stool
Framed photograph on a table showing a couple embracing
Cuddly soft toy animal
Couple relaxing on the floor, sharing a pizza
Pasta and drinks served on a tray
Pots of succulent house plants in a row
View from an apartment window with houseplants in the foreground
Framed portrait on a wall showing a couple lying down with their heads next to each other
The word Home forming the outline of a house, with mountains in the background
Couple preparing food in the kitchen
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