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Yurii Aleinikov



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I began as a television director. Now I work by agreement; sometimes I shoot documentaries, commercials and videos. My creative credo: beauty and mystery are nearby - you just want to see them!

Founding Contributor

Bird singing in a tree

Brown bird singing in a tree with green leaves on a sunny day.

Pink flower blooming

Blooming pink flower in a tree with green leaves moving in the wind.

Person touching yellow leaves

Hand touching yellow leaves of a plant in the sunlight

Merry-go-round spinning

Green roundabout spinning in a park on a sunny day.

Thawing river

River with floating pieces of ice

Cracked birds egg

Egg shell in the snow illuminated by a sunset.

Colored gemstones

Multiple gemstones of different colors on a white surface.

Gems and stones

Hands holding a gemstone and a rock

Lightbulb in snow

Snowy terrain with a single lightbulb on the ground.

Alarm clock in the snow

Alarm clock on the snowy ground of a winter forest.

Small cabin in the snow

Small log cabin in the snow at sunset.

Ice thawing on a river

Slab of ice thawing on a river.

Rubik's cubes

Two rubik cubes finished spinning on a platform with a blue background.

The hand of a person drawing

A person's hand drawing the branches of a tree on a canvas with a colored pencil.

Water jets

Water jets from a fountain under trees.

Movie tape

Film tape rotating to play a movie in a dark room.

Producing gold bullion

Producing bullion pouring red hot gold into iron molds.

Gold ingots on a shelf

Gold ingots on a cloth on a shelf.

Pills in a machine

Round white pills coming out of a machine, close up views.

Pills on rotating trays

Round white pills on trays rotating inside a machine, close up views.

Jewels with red stones

Jewels with red gemstones illuminated by a lantern in a dark place.

Golden glitters

Golden glitters in a dark room in motion.

Tree branches when it snows

Tree branches without leaves when it is snowing, the branches have snow on top.

Eggs in a nest

Two quail-stained eggs are in a nest while the sun sets.

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