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Tuna Sarikaya



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Bio (Member since February 2020)

Graphic designer, painter and a blues lover. Academic educated on art and graphic design. Studied painting at the art school and graphic design at university and worked in advertising as a Creative Director.

Founding Contributor
Urban Grunge Opener
Premiere Proproject

An urban decay style title, fast transition between frames and a grime overlay.

Middle Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Animated title heading, with a split animation and middle text.

Left Spin Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Animated pivot point animation, with left-aligned fade in and spin out.

Rotate In Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Spinning animation, pivot point fade in with left-aligned fade out.

Knock Effect Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Text growth effect with a sub-heading build up.

Drop Kick Effect Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Multi-animation title blocks, pivot point sub-heading with a text kick effect.

Double Headline Blocks Title
Premiere Promogrt

Spinning title animation, with bouncing text intro.

Kick Fall Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Angled text intro, text kick animation and shrink out effect.

Drag And Drop Title
Premiere Promogrt

Text drag and drop effect, with rotate and spin exit.

Hidden Text Title
Premiere Promogrt

Kinetic text effect, hidden text block with a split out effect.

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