Founding Contributor

Supun Lankage


Sri Lanka

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Bio (Member since February 2020)

I'm a Sri Lankan-based freelance Motion Designer, and all round Visual Communicator with extensive experience creating fun, engaging visuals for commercial clients.

Founding Contributor
Double Line Title Split
Premiere Promogrt

Three headings with two animated lines and a falling text animation.

Drop Text Title
Premiere Promogrt

Heading with a drop down title.

Slide In Title
Premiere Promogrt

Three line title animation that slides in from the left.

Angled Banner Title
Premiere Promogrt

An angled banner that slides in from the left, with a subtle zoom towards the frame and exits.

Animated Box Title
Premiere Promogrt

Animated rectangle with a split text effect, animated intro and exit.

Inset Title
Premiere Promogrt

Inset title animation which aligns with the middle of the frame.

Solid Header Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

Heading with a solid background and italic subheading.

Half Square Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

Animated border which creates an outline for the heading text and unfolds to exit.

Falling Border Title
Premiere Promogrt

Animated vertical line with four headings. Transitions in from the bottom and falls out.

Border Shadow Title
Premiere Promogrt

An animated border which grows in from the left, creating a shadow effect.

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