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Supriya Bhonsle



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Bio (Member since March 2019)

I'm a Sydney-based freelance Motion Designer, Illustrator and all round Visual Communicator with extensive experience creating fun, engaging visuals for commercial clients.

Founding Contributor
Woman running while wearing headphones and holding a mobile phone
Woman on the floor, upset that her houseplant has died
Mouth taking a bite of pizza
Elderly couple walking arm in arm through a park
Person wearing a VR mask in a virtual reality room
Woman lying on a couch looking at her mobile phone
Man sitting in front of a fire, reading from a tablet
Exhausted man in front of a computer, with his head down on a desk
Hand holding a mobile phone, taking a group selfie
Tired person sitting on an empty train
Person overwhelmed by a mountain of paperwork
Woman falling through the cracks
People sunbathing on the beach
Person reading a book while wrapped in warm blankets, with a cat at their feet
Woman playing on a swing under a night sky
Person sitting alone, relaxing with a hot drink
Bicycle with a red flowing cape
Couple in suits dancing at a wedding
Dad sitting on a couch reading to his two young children
Three people sharing drinks at a bar
Small suitcase on wheels with a smiling face
Ring of keys with a fluffy dice
Headphones playing music
Person wearing a dark hoodie standing on their own
Anxious girl looking down
Woman feeling anxious
Person experiencing anxiety
Sad girl crying

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