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Lucy Lo



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Part time potato, part time Illustrator. I would like to be a kitten with laser eyes.

Founding Contributor
School of brightly colored fish swimming together
Large whale swimming through city buildings
Halloween zombie sitting on a couch eating popcorn and watching TV
Halloween skeleton in a bathrobe, ready to have a bubble bath
Halloween Jack O'Lantern sweeping leaves from the front steps of a house
Macaw Birds perched in the trees
Tiger walking alone in the jungle
Woman standing behind bright leaves and plants
Halloween witch making a potion in a large cauldron
Halloween Vampire doing laundry at a laundromat
Toucan bird in the jungle
Monarch Butterflies with beautiful wings
Chameleon camouflaged in the trees
Boa Constrictor snake wrapped around a tree brach
Couple in traditional Japanese clothing walking past blooming cherry blossom trees
Assortment of Japanese sweets
Valentine's Day cakes with love heart icing
Red wine spilled on a table covered in party hats and food crumbs
Halloween party food on a table including a carved pumpkin and fake spiders

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