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L Schlissel



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Bio (Member since March 2019)

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I've created work for educational materials and worksheets, comics, cards, posters and other media.

Founding Contributor
Woman reading a book next to an autumnal tree with falling leaves
People sledding and playing in the snow in a winter playground
People relaxing on a beach in the summertime
Woman in profile, with her eyes closed
White ducks swimming in a pond below springtime cherry trees
Three women with their arms linked, wearing t-shirts depicting the Venus symbol
Woman holding a rainbow, gay pride flag
Lollipop framed by a pair of red lips
Bright pink cotton candy held between cupped hands
Cheeseburger at the centre of an eye
Three people lying on the ground next to each other
Happy family of four
Small, smiling child with his two Moms
Happy couple with their small dog
Smiling family of three
Dad with two smiling daughters
The word Dream reflected in a mirror held by two magical women with flowing hair
Nose smelling a block of cheese
Potato chips floating in front of a human ear

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