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Antonella Macchiavello



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A self taught Chilean illustrator whose style is characterized by flat colours, fine line work and clean visuals. My work and inspiration is driven by the urge to actualize the different paths my mind naturally takes, and to be surprised by them. In my work you can find anything from portraits to surreal compositions, and everything in between. Open to commissions and collaborations.

Founding Contributor
Person holding colorful balloons, standing in front of another person
Woman holding her head with both her hands
Two people face to face, yelling at each other
Person vacuuming the floor
Hand holding a polaroid picture depicting a woman and her dog cuddling under a blanket
Two people sitting down, reading books
Couple embracing in front of a car
Person cooking on a stovetop in the kitchen
Pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom
Person sitting on the couch drinking coffee and reading a book
Colored graffiti on the wall of a building
The word Pride spelled out via people holding letters made of melting ice cream and popsicles
Couple relaxing on the floor, sharing a pizza
Friends sitting opposite each other on a train travelling through the countryside
Person with their eyes closed, leaning back against a yellow plant
Woman lying on the floor with her eyes closed, smiling
Pasta and drinks served on a tray
Garbage bins full of rubbish and discarded office furniture
Removal tuck parked in front of an apartment block
Front entrance to a Town Hall building
People sitting on a city train
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