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Loni Thompson



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Sydney-based illustrator, artist and graphic designer who works in a combination of traditional and contemporary mediums.

Founding Contributor
Woman in a bathing suit and swimming cap, exercising in a pool
Dandelion seeds floating away
Person crossing their fingers in a gesture of hope
Woman kissing a man's cheek as he takes a selfie
Woman with her tongue out
Breakfast foods including toast, bacon, and avocado
Lunch foods including sushi, a hotdog, and a milkshake
Dinner foods including pasta, meat, and vegetables
The word Growth covered in butterflies, sunflowers and vines
Meerkat peering out of a hole
Ducks in a row with a chicken in the middle
Snapshot of a couple hugging and smiling
Three people making silly faces for the camera
Man taking a selfie with his happy dog
Pet bird sitting on a branch
Pet cat sitting on the floor
Pet dog in front of a dog food bowl
Messy bed with pillows on the floor
Leafy houseplant on a small stool
Tiered birthday cake with five lit candles
Tiny green alien peeking out from behind a space rock
Tiny ladybug sitting on a person's forefinger
Group of three people jogging together
Two people riding bicycles together
Rollerblades in motion
Person holding a tennis racquet and tennis ball

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