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Kika Fuenzalida



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Hola! I’m a multidisciplinary Chilean/French designer, currently freelancing in Melbourne. I focus on projects that involve branding, editorial, illustration, packaging, and product design. From time to time I also deal with self-initiated projects related to art and design.

Founding Contributor
Person crying as their tears forming a puddle of water around them
Two people sitting on the grass, arm in arm
Woman staring out the window, looking at the night sky
Couple hugging each other
Two women with their foreheads pressed together
Four people working together at a shared desk in an open plan office
Two co-workers having a drink in an office breakout room
Office workers in a modern co-working space
Board meeting in a contemporary office
Colleagues brainstorming ideas together
Co-workers doing a high-five after a planning meeting
StandUp meeting with team members on a video call
Desks in a cool co-working space with an office dog and a bicycle
Woman lying in the grass cuddling a dog, with an open book on the ground beside her
Woman holding a small, twinkling star in her cupped hands
Person using binoculars, peering out from behind a bush
Left-handed man sitting at a table, writing in a notebook
Person arranging a series of designs on an office wall
Two artists working at a shared desk
Couple lying in bed, embracing
Couple walking arm in arm
The word Wild with a snake and bright plants winding through the letters
Receptionist at a front desk, talking on a mobile phone
Job interview in a modern office
Team members working side by side on laptops
Work desk with a computer, books, coffee and snacks
Study with a computer, desk, lamp and chair
Woman sitting at a computer desk, typing on a keboard
Bouquet of flowers, tied with a string
Cupcakes with a cherry on top
Champagne bottle and two champagne flutes
Open box of chocolates
Fireworks lighting up the night sky

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