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Vivek Prajapati



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Bio (Member since February 2020)

We are a small team of motion graphic artist based out of India. We are proficient in After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Founding Contributor
Trendy design call-out
Premiere Promogrt

Call out with a title framed with a rounded rectangle and a subtitle underneath.

Title and subtitle, call out
Premiere Promogrt

Call out of a main title with bold text and framed subtitle in the bottom.

Two lines square title call out
Premiere Promogrt

Two bold text lines in a square title call out with a modern design focus point.

Animated call-out
Premiere Promogrt

Animated call out rising from the focus point with three text lines.

Center spin call-out
Premiere Promogrt

Center-aligned spin call out with a focus point in the bottom.

Framed call-out
Premiere Promogrt

Call-out with two framed text lines and a square focus point right-aligned.

Call-out with square focus point
Premiere Promogrt

Call-out with square focus point and an underlined title and a bold-text subtitle.

Focus framing frame title
Premiere Promogrt

Focus framing frame title with a main underlined title and a bold-text subtitle below.

Call out of a framed title and subtitle
Premiere Promogrt

Call out of a framed underlined bold-text title with a three lines description text underneath.

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