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Irina Bondar



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Bio (Member since February 2020)

I'm a Russian-based Motion Designer creating modern animated templates.

Founding Contributor

Animated sequenced title and subtitle

Premiere Promogrt

Two sequenced lines of text that appear one after the other when two color lines intersect each other. First the main title appears and then a subtitle.

Title within a circle

Premiere Promogrt

The edge of a circle is formed with the transition of two titles within it.

Underlined title

Premiere Promogrt

Title in a moving text box that transforms into a line that underlines the title text.

Center-aligned simple animated title

Premiere Promogrt

Title of bold letters center-aligned with one subtitle below and another above that is underlined.

Animated line in title

Premiere Promogrt

Animated title that changes color with the movement of a line that moves up and down as scanning the text.

Animated text box title

Premiere Promogrt

A colored square that transforms into a text box that has the title with bold font center-aligned.

Border reveal framed title

Premiere Promogrt

Title with an outline frame with bold letters and a small subtitle underneath.

Border reveal framed title and description

Premiere Promogrt

Border reveal framed center-aligned title and description.

Simple big title and subtitle in a text box

Premiere Promogrt

Big and bold title with a translucent subtitle on a colored text box.

Text boxes in motion revealing title and subtitle

Premiere Promogrt

Two moving text boxes that reveal the title and subtitle that are aligned to the center of the screen.

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