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Lauren Bending



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An illustrator/graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm available for illustration, murals, branding, web and digital graphics, and any other creative project. I love the use of bright, eye-catching colour, and the combination of line and ink. Anything detailed and intricate makes me happy!

Founding Contributor
Dreaming woman on her own
Fingers held up to make a peace sign
Hand with fingers crossed behind the back
Ice cream in a cone with a cherry on top
Person with various objects flowing out of the top of their head
Stack of three neon-colored takeaway coffee cups
Multi-colored river bed
Weeping man on his own
Wounded woman on her own
Two hands linking pinky fingers
Thumbs down hand gesture
Thumbs up hand gesture
Multi-colored autumn leaves
Flowers, twigs and leaves
Tuft of multi-colored feathers
Cross section of two shells
Person with brightly colored shapes exploding out of both ears
Hand carefully holding the stem of a flower
City skyline at sunset
View of a city at sunrise
Colorful mountain range under a bright sun
View of a night sky in the city
Series of all-seeing eyes
Red flowers and spinning thoughts
Series of takeaway coffee cups
The word Presence over a bright background

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