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Eva Sandoval



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Bio (Member since June 2019)

Visual Artist born in Monterrey, Mexico. My art is about nature, dreams and visual exploration.

Founding Contributor
Fresh strawberry on a solid background
Día de Muertos ritual
Día de Muertos altar honoring the Mexica-Aztec goddess, Coatlicue
Joyous dancing at a Day of the Dead fiesta
Lion on the African plains
Lioness illuminated by stars
Lion Cub sticking his tongue out
Antelope in a field on a starry night
Brightly colored seahorse
Close-up of a person's brightly colored face
Colorful Close-up of a smiling person wearing a suit and tie
Person with brightly painted face wearing  turtleneck sweater
Person in tribal clothing
Tree with pink blossoms in front of a city building
Brightly colored bird on a branch
Frog on a lily pad
Decorative, prancing deer

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