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Dmitriy Tereshchenko



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Bio (Member since February 2020)

I’m a Motion Graphics designer from Ukraine. I really like to create projects in: Lower Thirds, Minimal Logo, Titles.

Founding Contributor
Angled Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Angled text, outlined heading with sub-heading.

Spinning Headline Title
Premiere Promogrt

Heading with sub-heading. Spin and reveal, text focus and reverse spin out.

Animated Circle Title
Premiere Promogrt

Aligned to the middle, round design. Expands in and shrinks out.

Inverted Banner Title
Premiere Promogrt

Modern two-tone design, heading and subheading. Colors invert upon animation.

Animated Banner Title
Premiere Promogrt

Animated box stretches in uncovering the heading. Before stretching out to the left.

Split Line Heading Title
Premiere Promogrt

An angled bar uncovers half of the text and clears it once the animation has completed.

Double Line Heading Title
Premiere Promogrt

Double lines uncover the heading and sub-headings. Before vanishing.

Animated box title and subtitle
Premiere Promogrt

Simple box graphic with a gradient, containing a heading and sub-heading.

Line Overlay Title
Premiere Promogrt

Animated lines with a heading. Creates a rectangle outline.

Angled Line Title
Premiere Promogrt

Angled heading and sub-heading, with background containers. Stretches in and then out at an angle.

Simple Title
Premiere Promogrt

A simple title block, with a subheading.

Top Heading Title
Premiere Promogrt

Double solid rectangles set at an angle with a heading and subheading. Animated in from the bottom.

Gradient Border Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

A thick gradient border containing a heading with a subheading cut into the border.

Double Block Title
Premiere Promogrt

A simple header block aligned to the middle with a subheading.

Roll-In Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

Solid heading with a roll in effect, subheading and inverted text.

Upwards Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

Simple heading with an upwards intro animation and subheading background.

Triple Block Title
Premiere Promogrt

Three heading blocks with a solid background and staggered intro animation.

Inverted Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

Right to left intro animation, returning with alternative style settings.

Gradient Heading Title
Premiere Promogrt

A simple heading block with a gradient background and subheading. Left to right animated intro.

Clean Header Blocks
Premiere Promogrt

Three headings, two solid headlines with a smaller subheading.

Text Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

Paragraph title block, with a heading and subheading. Border and background are animated from different directions.

Simple Subheading Title Block
Premiere Promogrt

A long rectangular title block, with a subheading aligned to the right. Animates in from the left.

Double Box Title
Premiere Promogrt

A shadow box effect, containing a heading and subheading. Text animates in from the top and bottom.

Dual Pill Title Box
Premiere Promogrt

Two animated pill shapes containing a header and subheading. Transform from small circles to full headings.

Background Transition Title
Premiere Promogrt

Heading and subheading with two different backgrounds which move in from the left behind the text.

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