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Cronulla Folk is an Illustration studio based in Cronulla, NSW. We have 20 years design and advertising experience so we know how to approach a brief creatively. We have a bold and minimal approach to vector art which is always colourful and graphic. Our clients include Qantas, Stockland, Rydges, Westfield, The Luxury Travel Magazine and Beard Season to name a few.

Founding Contributor
Woman in a robe staring out an apartment window, looking at the city skyline
Woman hailing a city cab across the road from a billboard promoting the beach
Woman on the beach with her surfboard, looking out at the ocean
Woman in a large hat sunbathing on the beach
Woman holding a cocktail while sitting at the edge of a swimming pool
Tropical drink in a cocktail glass
Woman drinking champagne while the man sitting across from her looks at his mobile phone
Couple walking arm in arm, illuminated by a street light and the moon
Woman staring out the window of a moving train
Woman with a suitcase looking at planes on an airport runway
The word Bloom covered in bright flowers and colorful plants
City bar decorated for a Halloween party
Christmas decorations in a small city bar
A Christmas tree, decorations, and presents in a cosy family room with a fire going
Surfers wearing Santa hats at the beach on a sunny day
Woman watching fireworks over a city skyline
Champagne toast with fireworks in the background
Houses decorated for Christmas with snow and a snowman
New Year's Eve celebrations on a boat in the harbor
Bottle of red wine and a full wine glass set on a bar table

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