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Casandra Banuelos



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Graphic Designer. Born in Guadalajara. Curiosity is what moves us.

Founding Contributor
Close-up of two skeletons holding hands, with roses wrapped around their bones
Zebra surrounded by plants and trees
Lioness and her Lion Cub
Proud Lion walking amongst the trees
Large African Elephant
Two people Holding hands
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat
Year of the Ox Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Tiger
Year of the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon
Year of the Snake Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse
Year of the Sheep / Goat Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Monkey
Year of the Rooster Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog
Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac
Girl decorating a Christmas tree in the snow
Year 2020 celebration with champagne
2020 Year of the Rat
Couple embracing under mistletoe in the snow
Firefighter rescuing a Koala from the bushfires in Australia
Woman wearing heart-shaped sunglasses
Woman with brightly colored hair
Woman wearing bright green sunglasses
Elephant and giraffe on the African plains
Jungle cat in a rainforest
Single peak mountain under a clear, starry sky
Ocean waves with a whale's tail emerging from the water
Planet earth and the word Breathe
High five hand gesture

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