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Sliding Title Blocks

After Effectsproject

A simple sliding animation with large text and taglines.

Fullscreen Glitch Title

Final Cut Proproject

A large glitch effect and shape animation distorting a large title block.

Slide Heading And Taglines

Final Cut Proproject

Animated slide transition with a bold heading and multiple taglines.

Light Leak Motion Opener

Final Cut Proproject

A quick light leak into featuring multiple headings, motion transitions and a logo reveal.

Round Gradient Title

After Effectsproject

Thick round shape with a gradient, heading text and multiple taglines.

Bold Italic Title

After Effectsproject

Two italic headings with a text field and letterbox animation.

Off Frame Title

After Effectsproject

Huge headings which leave the frame and a middle aligned text field.

Boxed Hamburger Button

After Effectsproject

Shape animation and a boxed heading with a hamburger menu button.

Bold Gradient Shape Title

Final Cut Proproject

A bold gradient radial with a heading and subheading.

Letterbox Title Block

Final Cut Proproject

A bold title block with letterbox animation and text field.

Cut Off Title Box

Final Cut Proproject

Bold headings partially cut off by the frame with a middle text field.

Title Frame With Icons

Final Cut Proproject

Animated title box with a shape animation and hamburger menu icon.

Colorful Glitch Opener

Final Cut Proproject

A colorful opener with glitch headings, distorted video background and masked text.

Wet Ink Opener

Final Cut Proproject

Multiple wet ink transitions over video layers, leading to a logo reveal.

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