33 Free Fantasy Art Illustrations

All illustrations are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

Dreamy woman with fish and seaweed floating through her hair
Strong woman with flowers and plants weaving through her hair
Powerful woman with the moon, stars, and planets in her flowing hair
Tiny house made from the trunk of a tree
Repeating faces of a man and a wolf
Scary, glowing Halloween skull
Creepy Halloween Jack O'Lantern
Series of spooky Halloween skulls
The word Dream reflected in a mirror held by two magical women with flowing hair
Hand with a pencil poking through the skin
Cat using chopsticks to eat a bowl of ramen
Human heart blooming with flowers
Large whale swimming through city buildings
Apologetic robot holding flowers
Tiny green alien peeking out from behind a space rock
Space Oddity-style spacesuit
Woman holding a small, twinkling star in her cupped hands
Mermaid sitting inside a small fishbowl
Woman communing with a deer in the forest
Woman riding a robot while shooting a space gun
Meat and bones figure
Person with a donut head drinking a cup of coffee
High fashion woman walking a lion on a leash
Brightly colored shapes with faces
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