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Gorgeous sunset over hills and water
Starry night sky over hills and water
Cat using chopsticks to eat a bowl of ramen
Exhausted man in front of a computer, with his head down on a desk
Fingers held up to make a peace sign
Winter landscape with mountains and snow
Four people working together at a shared desk in an open plan office
Woman with a suitcase looking at planes on an airport runway
Desert landscape under a bright sun
Woman staring out the window of a moving train
Christmas tree with twinkling lights in a snowy landscape
Houses decorated for Christmas with snow and a snowman
Woman lying on a couch looking at her mobile phone
Woman holding a cocktail while sitting at the edge of a swimming pool
Couple kissing on a bicycle
Woman falling through the cracks
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat
Autumn landscape with falling leaves
People sledding and playing in the snow in a winter playground
Left-handed man sitting at a table, writing in a notebook
Woman watching fireworks over a city skyline
Dandelion seeds floating away
Elderly couple walking arm in arm through a park
Person reading a book while wrapped in warm blankets, with a cat at their feet
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