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Man with LED light mask
Silhouetted man with LED light mask
Halloween autumn ornaments
Halloween pumpkin and a red candle

Trick or Treat? Download from our spooky range of free Halloween videos

Get ready for this horror-filled holiday season with our scary library of free Halloween videos. All our halloween videos are set to send chills down your spine and are perfect for halloween website videos, scary social media posts or eerie b-roll clips.

Browse through our haunted and curated collection of zombie filled and spine-tinglingly scary stock footage. All Halloween videos are available to download for free in your next creepy project.

While you're here, why not check out our spooky season collection of free Halloween Art & Illustrations.

Halloween ornaments and figures
Variety of halloween pumpkins
Orange material pumpkin
Halloween pumpkin treats
Pumpkins with a pink background
Halloween carved pumpkin
Scary clown standing in garden
Scary knife-wielding clown
Zombie walking forward at abandoned place
Zombie silhouette inside a dark building
Scary woman seeing through the window
Zombie walking in a puddle
Spooky zombie on a wire net fence
Zombie at an abandoned building
Ghost in the hall
Woman zombie in trance
Crazy zombie playing with a light bulb
Scary ghost at an abandoned place
Scary clown peeking through hole in wall
Masked man roaming street
LED mask worn by scary man
Masked man with tattoos smoking
Tattooed joker holding a machete
Clown smoking in a tunnel
Crazy joker standing amongst ruins
Person wearing scary mask
Silhouette of person in LED mask
Clown walking with large machete
Smoking person wearing mask
Scary woman ghost walking
Ghost at ruins
Lamenting ghost at a abandoned spot
Tattooed clown at a ruined site
Clown waving machete
Scary joker advancing
Woman ghost crying
Scary masked man in moonlight
Scary clown wearing a LED mask
Creepy clown sitting in forest
Man with clown makeup smoking
Overgrown garden and ruins
Woman ghost looking in the mirror
Tattooed man wearing a scary mask
Halloween LED light mask
Scary woman walking in a ruined building
Red or blood moon time lapse
Moon close up shot
Girls watching a horror movie
Dancing at a Halloween party
Flying through a devilish forest
Playing ouija, close up
Ouija board game
Evil skull shaped bone cup with fire
Evil board game
Hands playing Ouija board
Skull-shaped cup with fire on black background
Blood of murder spilled on sheet music
Blood spilling in the sink
Murder blood on black background
Ouija board game with a skull and candles
Ouija board with candles on it
Game to contact ghosts
Evil Spiritual Game Board
Demonic game of contact with ghosts, Ouija
Person playing Ouija board
Ouija board spinning slowly
Ghostly concept
Burning crucifix necklace
Burning Christian Cross
Drops of blood falling on a white surface
Blood drops on black background
Blood draining on white wall
Splashing blood on white surface
3D animation of a golden surface with skulls
Golden surface with skulls, animation
Tunnel full of skulls
Child in Scream halloween mask makes spooky hand gestures
Little girls in halloween costumes use tablet under tree
Woman carves pumpkin into Jack-O-Lantern on kitchen table
Mom helps kids prepare Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin  in kitchen
A crazy clown screaming
Halloween forest full of branches and green mist
Cemetery on Halloween, 3D animation
Graveyard under the moon with green mist
Tarot cards, macro
Tarot cards, close up view
Cemetery with evil pumpkins floating
Woman applies lipstick to little girl for Halloween
Carved Halloween pumpkin
Flying through a dark swamp
Bats and the full moon on Halloween
Bats on halloween
Bats and witches on Halloween, 2D animation
2D animation with halloween concept
Bats flying in a mysterious night
Bats flying in the light of the full moon
Bats flying under the blue full moon
Witches on halloween night
Halloween atmosphere, animation
Background red hot particles video
2D animation of witches flying on Halloween
Necklace of a burning crucifix, close up
Silhouettes of bats flying under the full moon

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