Emotions Art

Feel your way through our gallery inspired by what it means to be alive. Happy, sad, confused or mad, all our moods ... er ... illustrations are free to download and use.

Woman holding her head with both her hands
Woman staring out the window, looking at the night sky
Three separate hands making the peace sign
Hand with fingers crossed behind the back
Woman on the floor, upset that her houseplant has died
Person crossing their fingers in a gesture of hope
Representation of a broken heart
The word Grace circled by delicate flowers
Two people face to face, yelling at each other
Person crying as their tears forming a puddle of water around them
Weeping man on his own
Person with brightly colored shapes exploding out of both ears
Exhausted man in front of a computer, with his head down on a desk
Person overwhelmed by a mountain of paperwork
Happy woman with a big red heart
Image of disembodied eyes and hands
The word Yes featuring floating 3D objects
The word Dream reflected in a mirror held by two magical women with flowing hair
Person with their eyes closed, leaning back against a yellow plant
Woman lying on the floor with her eyes closed, smiling
Wounded woman on her own
Woman falling through the cracks
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