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Enjoy these awesome high quality white videos. These 17 White video clips, made by some of the world’s most talented videographers, are all licensed for free. Download any of these White videos to use in a creative or commercial project today.

Abstract black and white ink shot underwater

Abstract reverse video of black ink shot on the water with white background. Black ink expanding. Black ink inject in water on white background. Use for ink effect, transition or stunning background. Mirror effect. Reverse effect.

Bubbles of water rising to the surface

Small bubbles in the water rising to the surface. Light tones, black and white.

Bubbling water in slow motion

Bubbling water with small bubbles and big bubbles. In grey, black and white tones.

Abstract black ink on water

Abstract of black ink shot in water. Black ink flows upwards on a light background. Video shot in black and grey.

Abstract close up of black ink in water

Close up in slow motion of abstract of black ink landing in water with white background.

Blank and white ink underwater

Black ink in the water with white background. Black ink expanding. Black ink injected in water on white background. Use for abstract ink effect, transition or beautiful background.

Colorful spheres floating in liquid

Colorful liquid balls float in white liquid, purple, blue, and white balls.

Expanding white ink

Black background, two spots of white ink begin to expand.

Black ink on white background

Black ink splashes and expands on a white background.

Expanding black ink forming oval

Black ink expands on a white background forming an oval shape.

Expanding black ink forms X

Black ink expands on a white background and forms an X shape.

Black ink splashing

Black ink splashes randomly on a white background and expands, forming one large blot.

White flowers in the breeze

White flowers with yellow centers move gently in a breeze, a clear blue sky in the background.

Ballerina dancing in a white room

Slow motion shot of a ballerina performing a dance routine in a white studio room.

Beautiful white and purple flowers

Beautiful pink Gerbera and white flowers with green leaves.

White little flowers

White little wet flowers and green leaves, close up shot.

Scary woman seeing through the window

Scary woman with dark dress and long black hair seeing through the window at an abandoned building.

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