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Liven up your next project with these awesome nighttime videos. These 36 Nighttime video clips, made by some of the world’s most talented videographers, are all licensed for free. Download any of these Nighttime videos to use in a creative or commercial project today.

Aerial view of city traffic at night

A rotating aerial shot of city traffic at night. There are intersections of large avenues, bridges and buildings with lights around. Drone is spinning.

Silhouetted man with LED light mask

The silhouette of a man wearing a sweatshirt and a led light mask in a scary cave at night.

Woman at an amusement park

A young woman with short black hair wearing striped turtleneck shirt smokes in front of several different mechanical rides at a fair or carnival.

City traffic at night

Drone, zooming shot of traffic and city lights at night.

Traffic on suspended bridge

A suspended bridge with a street below, cars passing on both roads at nighttime.

Traffic on a bridge at night

Vehicles driving on a bridge with a two way street in the darkness, their lights illuminating the ground as they pass.

Round white lights

Small, white circular lights move in small bunches across a dark background.

Blurred yellow lights

Round yellow lights move across a dark background.

Suspended bridge with traffic

Cars drive on a suspended bridge at night, with other cars driving past underneath.

Person by a campfire

A person wearing a cowboy hat sits by a campfire at night, drinking from a can.

A young woman walking on a carrousel

A young woman with short brown hair wearing a yellow turtle neck walks between the horses of a running carrousel, a dark sky in the background.

Woman standing in front of amusement park ride

A young woman with short brown hair wearing a grey shirt, black jacket, blue jeans and white tennis shoes leans on the railing in front of a mechanical amusement park ride.

Two DJ's mixing music at a nightclub

Two DJ's stand behind a turntable playing music, flashing lights and people dancing in the background.

Traffic at a roundabout at night

Cars transiting on a busy city roundabout at nighttime, seen from above.

Night city traffic

Cars driving in city streets during the night, their lights illuminating buildings and trees as they pass by.

City lights at night

City landscape at night, lights from cars driving on the streets and building across the city.

City life at night

City landscape at night, lights from cars driving on a roundabout and building across the city.

Large building at night

A large building stands out in a nighttime city landscape, cars driving in front and darkness in the background.

Wave's lines of light underwater in a pool

Vertical underwater video in slow motion of wave's lines of light underwater in a pool with blue mosaic.

A woman taking selfies in the street at night

Portrait video in slow motion of woman with black hair taking selfies with her cellphone in the street at night. An urban trendy girl taking selfies from different points of view.

Aerial view of a sports center at night time

Aerial shot made with a drone of a sports center during the night.

Aerial view of a factory at night time

Aerial view of a factory at night time in a city full of lights.

Top aerial view of a factory during night time

Top aerial view of a street with traffic going through a big factory during the night.

Chicago City at late afternoon

Aerial shot of Chicago City at late afternoon seen from the lake.

City lights at night aerial shot

Aerial shot and time-lapse of a city at night with traffic and buildings.

Night factory reveal, aerial view

Aerial view of a big factory working during the night.

City night traffic

City night traffic of a bridge and a road under it, with buildings and a dark sky.

Rooftop phone call by businesswoman

Businesswoman wearing a glasses is having a phone call at a rooftop with a city in the background in the late afternoon.

City buildings lit up at night

City skyline at night including buildings with lights on and traffic.

Masked man roaming street

Scary person in LED mask strolling on dark street with a spotlight.

LED mask worn by scary man

A man wearing a LED light mask in different spots of an abandoned area at night.

Silhouette of person in LED mask

The silhouette of a person walking on the street wearing a creepy LED light mask that flickers.

Scary masked man in moonlight

Contemporary man wearing a scary mask of led light in the moonlight.

Halloween LED light mask

A man wearing a scary mask and a contemporary sweatshirt looking into the camera.

Crosswalk at night

Pedestrian crossing at night with traffic, pedestrians and traffic lights.

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