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Enjoy these awesome high quality landscape videos. These 47 Landscapes video clips, made by some of the world’s most talented videographers, are all licensed for free. Download any of these Landscapes videos to use in a creative or commercial project today.

Futuristic landscape animation

3D animation of a futuristic landscape.

Night sky with stars at a calm lake, time lapse

Night sky with stars at a calm lake, time lapse. Zen water with clouds and stars in motion in the sky.

Sunset in the ranch

Beautiful yellow sunset on a ranch with a fence board with cobwebs.

Forest treetops

Panning over a forest, showing only the treetops and a clearing between them, all underneath a clear blue sky.

Sea landscape from a porch

A woman wearing a white top and a wrap skirt looks out to the sea from her outdoor wooden porch.

Raft going slowly down a river

POV shot of a wooden raft going slowly along a river in a lush forest setting

Clear water and a tropical island

Turquoise sea with a couple walking on the sand that is covered with sea water. Landscape beach with blue sky on a sunny day.

Sunset over a building under construction

Landscape of a city with a building under construction, with the sun setting into total darkness in the background.

Beautiful sunrise landscape

Beautiful sunrise over silhouette of mountains with a clear sky.

A mountain silhouette during sunset

Time-lapse of a mountain silhouette at the sunset with clear sky.

Foggy green fields near village

Green fields near a village town on a foggy day.

View of a waterfall over red rocks

Drone aerial view of a river that turns into a waterfall in a rocky landscape. Rocky mountains with a river running through them and a three-leveled waterfall on day.

View of cliffs and a valley

Aerial view recorded with drone of trees in desert valley in the afternoon. Rocky mountain landscape. Clear blue sky in the background. Mountain stream. Nature landscape.

Highway between trees

Cars drive on a highway that runs between green trees, in the background the sun shines through a few clouds in the sky above hills in the distance.

Small waterfall

A small waterfall runs in the crevice of a cliff, it lands in a small pond.

Waterfall landing in a small body of water

A waterfall hidden between a cliff lands in a small lake also hidden in the cliff.

Cliff landscape

A cliff with brown and green vegetation, under a clear blue sky.

Green treetops

Panning across a forest, showing dirt paths and a clearing in the distance, beneath a clear blue sky.

Treetops on a hill

A forest spans across the landscape, and atop a hill, underneath a clear blue sky.

Woman walking on beach towards boulders

Woman with long brown hair wearing a long white dress walks on the beach towards a group of big black boulders as small waves break on the rocks.

Family walking on a beautiful beach

A family walks on a sandbar, in a tropical location with aqua blue water.

Woman spins in a circle at the beach

A woman in a dress spins around at the water's edge of a tropical beach.

Woman resting at the edge of a pool at dusk

Woman resting beside a swimming pool with a beautiful sunset in the background.

Time lapse of a landscape of a river with a bridge next to a city

Time lapse shot of a river with a bridge next to a city next to mountains at cloudy sunset. Boats passing by on the river, and cars on the bridge.

Beach landing strip

A beach with a landing strip and the sun in the background.

Beach and palm trees

A white sand beach under a blue sky and white clouds, green plants and palm trees.

Aerial Beach landscape

Landscape of a white sand beach with green trees and clear blue water.

Aerial view of beach with a woman walking at sunset

Beach paradise, yellow and orange sunset, cloudy sunset, woman walking on the sand, woman on vacations enjoying the beach.

Beach with two blue tones sea, aerial shot

Aerial shot of a sea with two blue color tones, with a boat, seashore with a lot of green nature and green palms, and beach houses or hotels with a sand way. Beach aerial landscape.

Little island in the middle of the ocean

Little island in the middle of the sea, aerial shot. A little island with green nature, green trees or palms.

A couple seated on a board in the sea near to a little island

Aerial shot of a couple seated on a board in the sea near to a little island. Turquoise calm sea with a clear big blue sky. Aerial shot of a paradise beach.

City Landscape

City landscape with buildings and three tower cranes.

Beautiful sunset landscape

Beautiful sunset over mountains silhouette with a clear sky.

Sky time-lapse

Sky time-lapse with clouds moving.

Crop fields at sunrise

Crop fields with roads between them at sunrise.

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