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Improve your next project with these stunning high quality cloud videos. These 58 Clouds video clips, made by some of the world’s most talented videographers, are all licensed for free. Download any of these Clouds videos to use in a creative or commercial project today.

Night sky with stars at a calm lake, time lapse

Night sky with stars at a calm lake, time lapse. Zen water with clouds and stars in motion in the sky.

Pedestrian path in a forest

Pedestrian concrete path next to a road in the middle of a forest with few trees and full of dry bushes.

Cloudy sky

Clouds move across the clear blue sky, then slowly become darker.

Time lapse video of a cloudy sky

White clouds move across a blue sky with yellow tinges.

Lake Michigan at sunset, aerial shot

Aerial shot of the lake Michigan at sunset with calm water and cloudy sky.

Foggy green fields near village

Green fields near a village town on a foggy day.

Time lapse view of a mountain

Time lapse, fast motion of a nature landscape with mountains and clouds passing while the sky gradually darkens.

Waterfall in a forest

Time lapse of a waterfall and sky seen from below.

Clouds behind an apartment building

A tall apartment building stands in front of a blue sky with white clouds.

Thawing river

River with floating pieces of ice

Weeds waving in the breeze

Tall dry grass waves in the breeze under a blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

Time-lapse of some trees and blue sky

Time-lapse, motion shot of tall trees and a blue sky with clouds.

Woman in a pool at sunset

Woman in a bikini in a hotel swimming pool at sunset.

Time-lapse of the sun with clouds passing by at late afternoon

Time-lapse of the sun with clouds passing by at late afternoon with trees being moved by the wind in the bottom.

Remote tropical island with a couple on a sandbar

A little island with green nature, green trees or palms. Clear blue sea with a clear blue sky. Lovely landscape of a beach.

Moonlit clouds in motion, time-lapse

Moonlit clouds in motion, time-lapse. Sky with clouds, motion clouds, a bunch of clouds in the blue sky.

Eagle gliding in a clear sky, bottom view

Eagle gliding with its wings open in a clear sky, bottom view. An eagle flying.

Hyperlapse of a cloudy sky

Hyperlapse shot of a cloudy sky above the mountains during the day.

Clouds in the sky over beach palms

Time-lapse of clouds in the sky over beach palms and the sand.

Driving on a freeway with mountains

Driving on a freeway with mountains and a cloudy sky in the end.

Beautiful sunset landscape

Beautiful sunset over mountains silhouette with a clear sky.

Sky time-lapse

Sky time-lapse with clouds moving.

Moon in the sky at the evening

Time-lapse shot of the moon in the sky at the evening.

Cloudy sky getting dark

Time-lapse video of a cloudy sky at dusk.

Bright orange sunset on beach

Palm trees on beach with a bright sunset.

Two corporate buildings of a city

Two tall corporate buildings in a city during the day with a blue cloudy sky.

The beach at sunset in the background

Sunset on the beach seen from the seashore that is quiet.

Playing at the beach

Playtime at the beach with clear water and waves.

Children on a beach with waves

Children playing on beach where clean waves roll in from the blue water.

Red ocean sunset

Red sunset on the beach with palm trees.

Children playing in the sand

Children playing in the sand on a beach with beautiful blue ocean

Children swimming in ocean

Children playing in the water on a beach with a clear blue sky and palm trees.

Happy children playing on the beach

Young children happily playing on the beach at sunset.

White sand paradise beach

Paradise beach with white sand and blue ocean on a sunny day.

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