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Be inspired by these awesome high quality bridge videos. These 21 Bridge video clips, made by some of the world’s most talented videographers, are all licensed for free. Download any of these Bridge videos to use in a creative or commercial project today.

Little pedestrian bridge in the forest

Little pedestrian bridge in the forest over a river or a lake at sunset.

Traffic on a bridge at night

Vehicles driving on a bridge with a two way street in the darkness, their lights illuminating the ground as they pass.

Suspended bridge with traffic

Cars drive on a suspended bridge at night, with other cars driving past underneath.

Man rides bicycle under suspended bridge

A young man wearing a white hoodie and a black hat rides a bike underneath a suspended vehicle bridge, and jumps on the back wheel of the bicycle as traffic passes by in the background.

Woman walking on pedestrian bridge.

A young woman with long hair wearing a red plaid shirt walks on a white pedestrian bridge as she smiles and spins as she walks. She unbuttons the shirt as she walks and is wearing a red and white flowered dress.

Woman under a bridge

A young woman with brown hair and black eyes sits under a concrete bridge, she shakes her hair and smiles.

Time lapse of a landscape of a river with a bridge next to a city

Time lapse shot of a river with a bridge next to a city next to mountains at cloudy sunset. Boats passing by on the river, and cars on the bridge.

Person cycling on bridge

A person cycles past on a bridge, underneath the sunset/sunrise.

People walking on a footbridge

People walking past each other on a footbridge with the sun in the background.

People walking on a footbridge timelapse

People passing each other as they walk on a footbridge, with the sky in the background.

River under a bridge

A river runs under a bridge with green nature, rocks and a cloudy sky in the background.

City train driving under a bridge

City train driving under a bridge in slow motion next to the street with cars and people.

Highway bridge, aerial shot

Highway bridge between mountains on a foggy cloudy day.

BMX biker grinding in the street

Urban BMX biker grinding a handrail in the street under a car bridge.

Traffic on busy city road

Road with city traffic and pedestrian bridges taken from an aerial view.

Train bridge under construction

Construction of a train bridge in the middle of a big forest at sunset, aerial view.

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