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Market shoppers

People walk in a market, carrying reusable shopping bags, one walking a dog on a leash.

Farmers market stand

Oranges and pumpkins being sold for shoppers that walk by.

Person walking on crosswalk

A person wearing blue jeans and green tennis shoes walks on a crosswalk.

People walking along the street in fast motion

Fast motion panning video of a street. Video of street during the afternoon with plants in the foreground. Background shows out of focus people walking and cars passing by.

Aerial view of people at pedestrian crossing

High angle wide time lapse shot of traffic, showing a busy street with cars and people passing at the pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian crossing in the city

Pedestrians and vehicles at a busy city intersection with buildings in the background.

View of an intersection in fast motion

Video with blur effect of a busy intersection. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and people pass through guided by traffic lights. High angle wide time lapse shot of traffic flow.

Street corner with traffic

Street corner with traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.

City traffic, timelapse

A camera panning in fast motion along streets with people, cars, motorcycles going by.

Park near tall buildings

City park with pedestrians and people exercising in recreational areas

Traffic on busy city road

Road with city traffic and pedestrian bridges taken from an aerial view.

Pedestrian overpass with traffic below

Pedestrians on an overpass above a busy city road on a cloudy day.

Statue in a city square downtown at night

Statue in an outdoor plaza downtown at night with pedestrians walking by.

Crosswalk at night

Pedestrian crossing at night with traffic, pedestrians and traffic lights.

Chinatown street at night

The street of a Chinese neighborhood with pedestrians walking by

Chinatown at night

Chinatown streets with pedestrians and market shops on a cold night.

Downtown plaza, aerial view

Aerial view of a downtown plaza with pedestrians walking and old buildings.

Aerial front view of a theatre

Aerial front shot of a theatre in a city's downtown, pedestrians and cars passing on a cloudy day.

Top aerial view of a monument park

Top aerial view of a monument park with pedestrians.

City busy traffic intersection, time-lapse

Top aerial shot of a city busy traffic intersection, time-lapse. Crosswalks and pedestrians in an intersection.

People walking on a footbridge

People walking past each other on a footbridge with the sun in the background.

People walking on a footbridge timelapse

People passing each other as they walk on a footbridge, with the sky in the background.

Crosswalk in the city

Time-lapse of pedestrians using a crosswalk, with trees and city buildings in the background.

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