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Kaleidoscope and lights

Abstract kaleidoscope and lights multicolor shot in motion.

White and yellow sparks

White and yellow sparks shooting up from the bottom, with a black background.

Gold sparklers

Gold sparks from above and from below, on a black background.

Kaleidoscope texture in motion

Abstract multicolor kaleidoscope texture in motion.

Purple and pink lights with bokeh effect

Abstract video of purple and pink lights, appearing to be circles shining and spinning.

Yellow and pink bokeh effect

Abstract video of yellow and pink lights with the bokeh effect, appearing to be circles shining and spinning.

Silhouettes of pedestrians during the night

Pedestrians' silhouettes walking in the street during the night with a flower arrangement ceiling.

Blurred multicolor lights bokeh

Blurred circular blue, orange and red lights moving on a dark background.

Drummer's hands using wooden drumsticks

Drummer’s hands while playing drums live performance. Drummer playing drum set with his wooden drumstick. Video with gig shallow depth of field. Live rock event.

Circles of light with bokeh effect

Blurred circular lights on a black background, still purple and yellow lights, with red lights moving across the top.

Man under colored lights

A bald man wearing a large jean jacket points to the camera as lights change color.

Yellow sparklers

Yellow sparks as seen from above, shooting out from a black background.

Traffic on suspended bridge

A suspended bridge with a street below, cars passing on both roads at night time.

City traffic during the night

Top aerial shot of the traffic on a bridge and under it.

Round blinking lights

White, red and blue lights move across a dark background.

Blinking round lights with bokeh effect

Red and yellow circular lights blinking together, as white blue lights pass by across a dark background.

Orange bokeh lights

Circular orange lights panning across a black background.

Blurred round white lights bokeh effect

Round white and yellow lights move diagonally across a dark background.

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