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A backyard with trash

A backyard full of useless things and trash; An old television and construction debris.

A puddle in a place with garbage

Water drops falling in a puddle in a place with garbage.

Backyard with garbage

The floor of a patio full of old, useless things and garbage on a rainy day with a puddle on the floor.

Two men reflected in a puddle

Two men walk on a cobble stoned street and are reflected in a puddle on the ground.

Ballet dancer's legs in position

View of ballet dancer's legs moving through positions in studio.

Man doing push ups

A man wearing grey sweats does push ups on the floor of a gym.

Small cabin in the snow

Small log cabin in the snow at sunset.

Thawing river

River with floating pieces of ice

Mushroom in the grass

Mushroom in the grass in a forest during a clear sky day.

Winter forest

A forest with bushes and snow on the ground full of fog in the background.

Constructions tools in a yard

Construction tools on top of blue sacks in a yard that has a parked car.

Overgrown garden and ruins

Wild garden and building ruins on a cloudy day.

Biker doing tricks

The rear tire of a bicycle starts spinning and the complete bike comes into view, the rider wearing jeans and a black tshirt

Cars on the street

Cars driving by with the sunset or sunrise behind them.

Two people hiking

Two people in hiking gear hike through desert type ground, walking towards green trees and bushes.

A female surfer at the beach

A woman with long blonde hair wearing a white two piece swimsuit runs on the beach carrying a surf board. She stops to tie to board to her ankle, rises and runs towards the ocean waves.

Man doing splits

A man wearing black leggings sits in splits position in a dark room.

Red sports car

Close up of a red two seater sports car, starting from the back tire and panning to the passenger door.

Man breakdancing

A man with long curly hair breakdances in the corner of an empty building with white walls.

Alarm clock in the snow

Alarm clock on the snowy ground of a winter forest.

Lightbulb in snow

Snowy terrain with a single lightbulb on the ground.

Cracked birds egg

Egg shell in the snow illuminated by a sunset.

River with rocks close up

Ground view of a river with little rocks and water flowing.

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