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Flower with a bee

Closeup video of a bee on a bright orange and red flower.

Woman kneeling in a garden

A woman with long, brown hair wearing a red felt hat, a blue and white shirt and black pants kneels in front of plants in a garden, picks a bit of the plant and stands.

Woman walking in a nursery garden

Back tracking camera of a woman walking through a garden.

Woman smelling flowers

A woman with long brown hair wearing a red felt hat and a blue sundress smells flowers in a garden.

Flowers in a tub

Two pairs of feet kick and splash in a tub of water with floating flowers of different colors.

Orange and white flowers with green leaves

Close up top view in motion of yellow, pink, white, orange flowers with green leaves.

Gardener arranges potted flowers

A man wearing a grey shirt, blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and gardening gloves arranges potted flowers of different colors.

Wild red flowers pan view

Slow panning of red flowers with and out of focus background in a forest.

Pink flower blooming

Blooming pink flower in a tree with green leaves moving in the wind.

Purple flowers in nature

A stem with purple flowers next to a large tree in a place full of nature on a sunny day.

Flower arrangements

Floral arrangements of different types of flowers along with baskets and vases with grapes in outdoors.

Yellow flower macro close up

Yellow flower with large leaves, macro close up.

Beautiful white and purple flowers

Beautiful pink Gerbera and white flowers with green leaves.

Pretty unopened flowers

Pretty unopened yellow and red bunches of flowers with green leaves.

Flowers and green plants

Colorful flowers and green plants camp.

Wet flowers with green leaves

Close up shot of pink, red and white wet flowers with green leaves.

White little flowers

White little wet flowers and green leaves, close up shot.

Bunches of unopened flowers

Bunches of pink unopened flowers full of drops of water.

Little pink flowers on a tree

Little pink flowers on a tree with green leaves being moved by the wind.

Watering a flower pot

Watering a flower pot with pink flowers at a sunset that dazzles the camera.

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