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Green leaves closeup

Green plant stalks swaying slightly in an extreme close up.

Closeup of a espresso coffee machine pour

Closeup video of a barista using a coffee machine in a cafe.

Tree trunk

Tree trunk macro close up, panning the whole trunk and bits of moss.

White bubbles dripping down

Small clear drops move slowly across a white background.

Close up of red sports car

Macro close up of a red sports car from taillights to front door.

Drone camera moving

Close up of a black drone's camera moving around, blurred background.

Drone close up

Pan shot of a white drone's propellers, a red light turned on underneath.

Playing guitar close up

A person plays an electric guitar with neon lights in the background. Close up shows only the person's hand on the guitar strings.

Decibel monitor

Close up video of the lights on a decibel monitor turning on and off.

Eyes after make up

Green eyes and small natural eyebrows, pink eyeliner underneath the eye.

Applying mascara closeup

Close up of a woman applies mascara to the eyes.

Man dancing hip hop

A young man with curly brown hair dances hip hop inside an abandoned building covered in graffiti.

Silver and red glitter

Silver hexagonal bits of glitter float slowly over a red background.

Pink and purple bubbles

Pink and purple bubbles moving in the water among silver glitter.

Blue bubbles

Blue bubbles of different sizes moving slowly around the screen.

Red liquid

Red liquid of different shades with clear bubbles moves slowly.

Green liquid texture

Green liquid with glitter moves slowly.

Yellow liquid and blue glitter

Blue glitter in liquid is covered by a yellow liquid with clear bubbles.

Yellow liquid

Yellow liquid with orange and yellow bubbles.

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