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Engineer measuring a lathe

Engineer measuring a lathe with a metal ruler.

Industrial lathe machine

Steel cutting using an industrial lathe machine.

Lathe cutting steel

Industrial machine cutting steel on a lathe.

Industrial metal machine

Industrial cutting machine cutting steel shavings.

Lathe cutting a cylinder

Lathe cutting a cylinder in a cutting cabin in a workshop.

Industrial cutter and its control panel

An industrial cutter scraping an iron cylinder with its control panel on.

Worker operating an industrial lathe

The hand of a worker operating the control panel of an industrial lathe mower.

Monitor of an industrial lathe cutter

The monitor of an industrial lathe mower showing the status of the mower process.

Industrial machine cutting

Industrial machine cutting cylinder-shaped steel.

Industrial razor cutter

Razor cutter rotating to cut a steel cylinder.

DSRL camera lens & shutter

Shutter of a DSLR camera opening and closing.

Lens focus in motion

Lens focus of a DSLR camera in motion.

Lens focus of a DSLR camera

Lens focus of aDSLR camera in motion, on macro close up shot.

Closed shutter lens

Closed shutter lens reflecting lights.

Lens taking photos

Lens opening and closing the shutter taking pictures.

Professional camera lens

Professional camera lens with the shutter closed lights and darkens again.

Circuit board

Circuit board from a computer working.

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