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42 Free Winter Stock Videos

No need for the winter blues when the view is this beautiful! Our gorgeous collection of winter videos will make you wish for snow, and maybe even inspire a trip to the mountains to get cosy with nature when the temperature drops. All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

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Snowflakes in a forest

Snowflakes falling slowly in a forest with trees.

Alarm clock in the snow

Alarm clock on the snowy ground of a winter forest.

Lightbulb in snow

Snowy terrain with a single lightbulb on the ground.

Bushes with snow in a forest

Forest during winter covered with snow and with trees and shrubs without leaves, and with dense fog covering the forest.

Pine trees with snow on its branches

Pine trees branches covered in snow seen from below on a clear sky day.

Small cabin in the snow

Small log cabin in the snow at sunset.

Winter forest

A forest with bushes and snow on the ground full of fog in the background.

Cracked birds egg

Egg shell in the snow illuminated by a sunset.

Snow in a winter wood

Snow on the branches of bushes in a winter forest with fog.

Houses in a forest during winter

Landscape of a forest during winter with snow-covered houses under large mountains covered in fog.

Snowy path in the forest

A snowy road in a forest with dry bushes and fog covering the horizon and the sky.

Path in a forest during winter

Path with grass and dry grass near some leafless trees in a forest during winter.

Bleak winter landscape

Snow on the ground and a frozen lake in the background.

Winter grass covered in snow

Snow covered grass next to trees and a frozen lake in a winter forest.

Winter wind storm in forest

Storm wildly moving the branches of forest trees.

Dry grass during winter in a forest

Dry grass during winter in a forest with leafless trees on a cloudy day.

Walking through a snowy town

Walking the empty streets of a snowy village during winter near a forest with tall pines.

Frozen lake in a winter forest

Frozen lake on an icy day with haze that covers the sky.

Gems and stones

Hands holding a gemstone and a rock

European town during winter

Touring the streets of a small town set amongst snowy mountains in winter.

Icy winter water from a river in a forest, closeup

Closeup video of icy winter water from a river in a forest. Water from nature, river thawing, ice thawing.

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