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Lots of air bubbles rising in water

A vertical black and white video of a lot of air bubbles of many sizes, rising in water on a light background.

Defocused view of an avenue at night

Defocused vertical video of a large avenue during the darkness of the night, with the moving white and red lights of the cars.

Juggler performing with bowling pins

Experienced and talented man in costume and makeup, juggling many bowling pins, on a theater stage, in a vertical video.

Two men on a ring fighting in a boxing match

Vertical video of two men on a ring fighting in a boxing match, when one of them dodges a blow and then hits the face of his opponent.

Fruit shaped sweets rolling on a red surface

Fruit-shaped sweets rolling on a red surface in a close-up, vertical scene.

Monumental facade of a capitol in Texas

Monumental facade of a capitol in Texas surrounded by a large garden full of trees, in a vertical video.

Silhouette of a musician playing the trombone

Full body silhouette of a cheerful musician playing the trombone while dancing, on a red background, in a vertical video.

Feet of a skillful ballet dancer

Close-up shot of a skilled ballet dancer's feet in a dance hall as she spins on her toes in a vertical video.

Young woman drawing on a tablet with a stylus

Close view of the hands of a young woman drawing on a tablet with a stylus, in a vertical video from behind her.

Mountaineers rock climbing

Low view of a pair of mountaineers climbing a vertical rocky mountain with pulleys, peaks and safety equipment on a sunny day viewed from behind.

Man fighting hard in a boxing match

Vertical portrait of a young man fighting skillfully and hard in a boxing match.

Slowly rotating peanut butter and peanut donut

Slowly rotating peanut butter donut in a close-up scene in a vertical video.

Bubbles Rising in Water

Close-up view of a series of big bubbles rising in a body of water, captured in black and white vertical video.

Drummer playing with great skill

Drummer begins to play with great skill, and very energetically, in a vertical video at a record studio.

Portrait of a girl dancing in black and white

Portrait of a young female dancer doing a choreography with two other girls in a vertical black and white video.

Man waving the flag of Brazil in slow motion

Man from behind, waving the flag of Brazil in slow motion, with the sky in the background, in a vertical video.

Boy does a wheelie on a bike in a park

Young cyclist doing a wheelie on a bike in a sunny park, in a vertical video.

Having a tablespoon of healthy cereal with milk

Scooping healthy cereal with milk from a small bowl against a blue background in a vertical demo video.

Young female mountaineer climbing a rocky mountain

Young woman practicing extreme mountaineering, climbing a rocky and vertical mountain, in a view from below her.

Bowl being filled with oatmeal and cinnamon rings cereal

Bowl being filled with oatmeal and cinnamon rings cereal until the scene is completely covered, from a vertical video.

Rotating fruit shaped candy texture

Texture of colorful fruit-shaped candies rotating in a vertical video.

Neon Open Park Sign

Neon open park sign in vertical video.

Wall of a buildings with American and Texas flags

Brick wall of a building surrounded by a garden, with vertical windows and a United States flag and a Texas flag, on a sunny day.

Male LGBTQ couple kissing

Vertical video of two LGBTQ men kissing each other on the lips in a close-up shot.

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