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Get your skis or snowboard ready, fresh tracks are forming! From snow-capped mountains to freshly plowed streets, the snow brings a special romance to winter. Carve through the freshest snow videos to feel the chill, without going outside. All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

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Snowflakes in a forest

Snowflakes falling slowly in a forest with trees.

Bushes with snow in a forest

Forest during winter covered with snow and with trees and shrubs without leaves, and with dense fog covering the forest.

Tree branches when it snows

Tree branches without leaves when it is snowing, the branches have snow on top.

Pine trees with snow on its branches

Pine trees branches covered in snow seen from below on a clear sky day.

European town during winter

Touring the streets of a small town set amongst snowy mountains in winter.

Streets of a small snow-covered city

Walking the streets of a small snow-covered city in a mountainous area during winter.

Snow covered forest

Forest covered by snow with a tree without leaves and the horizon covered with fog.

Winter forest

A forest with bushes and snow on the ground full of fog in the background.

Bridge in a small snowy town

A bridge in a small city with snow-covered buildings near snowy mountains.

Small European town in winter

Small town in winter with snow everywhere and mountains in the background.

Snowy mountains landscape

Landscape of snowy mountains with clouds of mist.

Beautiful snowy mountain landscape

Beautiful landscape of snowy mountains seen from the base of a cable car.

Snow in a winter wood

Snow on the branches of bushes in a winter forest with fog.

Houses in a forest during winter

Landscape of a forest during winter with snow-covered houses under large mountains covered in fog.

Frozen lake in a forest

A snowy path in a forest with leafless trees with bushes and a frozen lake nearby, and fog covers the horizon and the sky.

Bleak winter landscape

Snow on the ground and a frozen lake in the background.

Winter grass covered in snow

Snow covered grass next to trees and a frozen lake in a winter forest.

Snowy mountains above a small town

Snowy mountains above a small town in winter with clouds and fog.

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