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Yoga practice of a small group of people

Yoga practice of a small group of three young people, stretching their legs with the help of a strap, in a room with Buddhist elements.

Three people doing yoga in a room

Two women and a man practicing yoga in a room with a large window to a garden, figures and a wall painted with Buddha, on mats on the floor.

Urban female models in a parking lot

Two urban fashion female models posing in a white convertible car in a building parking lot.

Preparing coffee in a camp

A woman brews coffee in a steel mug on a wooden table during a morning camping trip in a park.

Banana slices

Many banana slices placed on top of each other, close up view.

Mechanism of a working clock

Mechanism of an automatic watch, seen up close while running.

Tomatoes and broccoli in a greengrocer

Tomatoes and broccoli in a greengrocer with their prices, and behind cabbages and other vegetables out of focus.

Friends taking a selfie by a pool

A group of friends taking a selfie during an afternoon pool party on summer vacation.

Man and woman doing yoga on a huge rock

Man and woman practicing yoga on top of a rock, with a large tree behind and the blue sky in the background.

Young people doing yoga together

Three people doing yoga in sportswear, on the floor of a large room with some Buddhist elements and a view of a garden.

Woman dancing while watering her plants

It takes the feet of a young woman watering the plants of her house, while dancing happily, on the terrace of her house.

Friends in a convertible car

Two young female friends having a nice time in an old white convertible car in a parking lot in a building.

Young woman in bikini taking selfies

A young woman wearing a bikini and lounging by a pool in the summer takes selfies and posts them on her social media.

Clockwork machinery in detail

Machinery of a working automatic watch seen in detail.

Cyclist riding down street

A man dressed in blue shirt and dark pants rides his bicycle on a sunny day. He crosses a bridge with trees and green grass in the background.

Relaxed woman enjoying music in her headphones

Very close shot of the face of a relaxed young woman enjoying music in her headphones, while resting at night.

A woman in a coffee shop

A woman putting sugar to a cup of coffee in a bar at a coffee shop.

Waiter carries a cup of coffee to customer

A black-haired waiter carries a tray holding a white coffee mug delivers the cup of coffee setting it on a wooden table where two clasped hands with red fingernails take the coffee and raise it to drink.

Rich watermelon cut into slices on a white background

Delicious watermelon cut into stacked slices, in a close shot that runs through it from left to right, on a white background.

Girl sliding with roller skates

A person's legs roller skates as she glides across the pavement of a bridge with a red railing on a sunny day.

Couple of people meditating on top of a rock

Young woman and man meditating standing on top of a huge rock in nature, with the sky and clouds in the background.

Small group of people doing yoga together

Small group of people, two women and one man, doing yoga together on the floor of a room with a window to a small garden.

Yoga practice of a small group of person

Yoga practice of a small group of three people, doing the same position together, in a room with Buddhist things and a large window overlooking a garden.

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